1. Baby rockers and bouncers - what do you need to know about them?
    Baby rockers and bouncers are products which make everyday life at home easier for parents and fun for toddlers. In our article you will learn which product to choose, what to pay attention to before purchase and how to use it to ensure your child's safety. What is a bouncer, a rocker and a bouncer-rocker for a baby? There are a lot of such
  2. Non-contact baby thermometer
    During illness, it is important to make sure your baby is comfortable and feels safe. What can be done when the child has a fever? First of all, you need to monitor the temperature to know what steps to take. Many parents remember the old thermometers well. In addition to the fact that you had to hold them under your arm for a long time to take a
  3. Kitchen helper for children and parents
    Taking care of a child and doing household chores is quite a challenge. Every parent knows how hard it is to find a moment to cook dinner when a baby demands their attention. Is there any solution to this situation? Yes - a kitchen helper! We invite you to read! What is a kitchen helper and what is it used for? Still not many people know what a
  4. Pregnancy – what do you need to know?
    Mum and Dad, are you expecting a baby? In this article, you'll find the basics for future parents, learn about many interesting and non-obvious things about pregnancy, about its course and how to prepare to welcome your newborn. Duration of the pregnancy As you know, pregnancy lasts from fertilisation and implantation of the egg in the uterus
  5. Colic in a baby - from when, what it is, symptoms
    Colic is a common condition in the infancy period. Although doctors describe it as a mild ailment, young parents may be frightened at first by the intensity of their baby's cry. That's why mom and dad should know how to recognize colic in the first place, and how to help their little one. What is colic in an infant? Infant colic is a disorder of
  6. Teething in a baby

    Teething in a baby

    For some parents the word "teething" raises anxiety. There are many myths surrounding this stage of a child's development, and contrary to popular opinion this period does not have to be as burdensome as many people think. In a large proportion of children - even one in three - teething goes without major problems, and for others it is usually easy
  7. Electric or manual breast pump? What they are and how to choose one
    There is no better food for toddlers than natural breast milk. Breastfeeding brings you closer and builds a bond. It is a beautiful expression of love. But at the same time it is a challenge, especially at night - and as it happens with challenges, it is good to have a helper which will support us in a crisis situation. This is a breast pump - it
  8. Car seat for babies and newborns - from when? Which one to choose?
    Few people realize that a car seat is one of the first purchases for a newborn baby - it's essential for the ride home from the hospital. But every parent wonders: what kind of car seat will be best for my baby? The answer to this question is simple - safe. But what does it mean? Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. But don't
  9. Baby monitor

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    Baby monitor

    Are you wondering how to get some time for yourself in the evening? Would you like to use the balcony or the garden, but you are afraid that you won't hear your baby crying? Or maybe you just want to watch a movie or invite friends and do not know how to combine it with looking after your baby? You can use an electronic baby monitor, which will let