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Although you probably already know the phrase "a little one changes everything" by heart, you can only discover its true meaning living your own life.

A life, in which suddenly the curbs become a little too high, the trip to the 6th floor is like a trail to the eight-thousander, and everyday shopping is a trip that requires a really good strategy. A life where you often think ahead to predict all the needs of your growing toddler. A life in which tightening your home budget can be quite a challenge.

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Your challenges, our solutions

For us, each such challenge is a great starting point for creating solutions that will make parenting easier for you, respond to your real needs and prove to be a solid support: at home, on a walk, in everyday duties, during short and longer trips, in ordinary and unusual moments. Now and in the future.

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Kinderkraft world

For over 10 years, we have been making parents' lives easier and taking care of the needs of children and parents. Our car seats, bikes, prams and chairs and many other mum's and dad's helpers, which cannot be mentioned in one sentence, are used by millions of children around the world. With the mission of making your life easier, we carry out our activities on almost every continent and we keep developing to make our products available for even more satisfied families.

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We are present in 63 countries!

To date, more than 10 million of our products have passed into the hands of children and their parents, and this number will increase even more as you get to know us better!

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pushchairs sold all over the world

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where children eat meals in our chairs

Our Awards

The quality, safety and functionality of our products are features that have been appreciated and confirmed by awards and certificates that are important to us. They have been awarded by independent international institutions (ADAC, Stiftung Warenest), a demanding competition jury (Red Dot Design Award), as well as by you: the parents (Parents' Award, Mother&Baby Award, Toy of the Year) and they are a signal to us that the direction we have chosen really is makes sense.

Thanks to these awards, we continue to work more effectively - all to make parenting a little easier!

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Our awards

Easy with kids

We support you wherever and whenever you feel that life with a child can be easier. We know it can, because we understand well what makes it difficult for you. We engage our knowledge and experience into designing pushchairs, bikes, car seats, rockers, furniture and all the rest of the parent's practical helpers. Thanks to them, we make your start in this important role easier: you start the journey together with a complete layette, and our products grow with your children. We took care of it by developing solutions for years! We like beautiful designs that please the eye and at the same time perfectly fulfil their tasks. Our product is supposed to make your life easier; however why should it not look great at the same time? We care for good design, and in designing we combine it with love for functional and well-tested solutions.

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What means

Easy with kids?

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we want good products to be available to everyone, fulfil their function for years and make your parental struggle easier! That is why good materials, innovative solutions and great design are our standard, and the purchase of quality products does not ruin your home budget.


We intuitively understand what may be difficult for you when you become parents. We stay ahead of your expectations and propose solutions even before you discover that you need them. When we think about a "pushchair", we see a number of amenities that will help you climb a high curb, carry your shopping or reach the 4th floor when there is no elevator in the block of flats. We look at the child's world through the eyes of a parent, we can see real challenges and… we make your everyday life easier!


Although it can be difficult, it can also be convenient! The comfort of the parent and child is one of the issues that we pay a lot of attention to when designing our products. If we talk about a pushchair, it shall be agile and amortized. If we talk about a bicycle, it shall be light, handy and solid. If we talk a cot, it shall be stable and multifunctional. Our specialists in facilitating parenting are here for you - ready to fulfil their roles.


One little human being and so many essentials around him! We know it well, so we try to fulfil several of their needs at the same time. Our products grow along with your toddler to help you save money and gain space at home!


Before the child gets the bike, it is an idea that we refine in detail. The most important for us are simple solutions, which we turn into projects and enrich with proprietary patterns. We think about every detail and every situation the product will be with you. Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand, and you do not have to give up anything!


When choosing our products, you do not have to worry for the future - we provide a 10-year warranty for them!* You can also return the product free of charge within 100 days. This time is a guarantee of peace. You can focus on what is most important to you.


Each parent's time is very valuable, we will be happy to provide assistance to you by phone, e-mail and via social media 7 days a week in most countries! We speak 6 languages to make contact with us even easier for you!
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Our products have been appreciated by customers, experts and sellers all over the world. Each distinction is a signal to us that our action makes sense: thank you for trusting us.