What Christmas gift for a child?

What Christmas gift for a child?

Christmas is coming - November and December is the time when you can slowly think about buying your first gifts. We know how stressful this time can be. So we decided to gather the best proposals for yearlings, two-year-olds and preschoolers in one article - so that you can enjoy baking gingerbread cookies and making dumplings together as a family, without any stress.

What Christmas gift to choose for a child?

At the very beginning, we recommend matching the gift to the age of your kid. Too complicated toys can only irritate a toddler, while too simple toys will bore an older child too quickly. We will tell you what gifts for Christmas will satisfy a one-year-old toddler, a two-year-old whirlwind and an independent preschooler.

What Christmas gift for a one year old?

In the first year of life, a child develops most rapidly. This is when the child learns to crawl, walk, and say his or her first words. Some toddlers already run on their own - and others prefer to learn new skills slowly. Regardless of that, the first year of life is the time when the toddler starts to learn about the world - it is the most interesting for them, so it is worth enabling them to explore the world safely ;)

An outstanding companion for shared adventures is a tricycle with the additional function of a ride-on. It’s a perfect choice, making it easier for the child to explore their home and surroundings while promoting gross and fine motor skills.  Tricycles can be successfully used at home thanks to its foam wheels - in addition, beautiful colours and interesting design will make your child love this bikes. Another interesting option will be tricycle with push bar, which is also a tricycle and, in addition, the easy change of functions makes it a bike for children of different age groups. It will serve as both a tricycle and a balance bike.


Mom laughs at a child riding a cutie kinderkraft tricycle. They are in a house, you can see green plants and a grey couch in the background. The child is smiling.


Toys are also an inseparable part of holidays. In the case of children older than one year, bet rather on educational toys - soft or squeaky books, bath books or educational mats. Opt out of electronic toys, especially those with loud, coloured lights. They may make the child overstimulated. Remember also about the parents, they may not be entirely happy with a loud gift.

Contrast, educational or sensory mats are always a good gift idea. In addition, you can bet on all those toys that allow the toddler to learn new textures - like sensory balls or educational boards.

What Christmas gift for a two-year-old?

Two-year-olds are whirlwinds - of course, much depends on the child, but as a rule, toddlers at the age of two love to run, jump and use the newly acquired skills. Therefore, puzzles, especially the more complicated ones, may not interest a two-year-old.

However, two-year-olds love blocks (big enough - like Duplo or classic wooden blocks). At this age children read a lot, especially at bedtime. So it will be a good idea to do a short research and choose educational but funny stories which will interest the toddler.

On the other hand, in order to relieve the two-year-old's excessive energy a bit (and help parents during walks), you can buy the toddler a bicycle. Classic balance bicycles for a two-year-old will be a perfect gift idea.


 Two kids are playing in a kinderkraft tippy tent, mom is sitting next to it holding a toy bow, everyone is laughing and having fun.


A water colouring book or magnetic puzzles will also be a developing and a lot of fun gift. What's more - the parent will be able to take the toys with them anywhere, without worrying that the toddler will get dirty.

You can also bet on simple musical instruments, but first agree with the parents if they are okay with such gifts.

Christmas gifts for preschoolers

Preschoolers have already developed their taste and often - their favorite fairy tales. That's why we advise you to ask parents what their kids like in particular. Maybe they love Paw Patrol? Or maybe they prefer Peppa Pig ? On the market you will find plenty of toys and books on this subject.

With preschoolers, you can also let your imagination run wild - dolls, LEGO bricks or books with patterns and stickers are things that every four-year-old will love. At this age, children are also interested in simple board games, they start putting together multi-piece puzzles and often go to extra-curricular activities. Maybe a new sports outfit is something your preschooler will enjoy? Or maybe new ballet flats?

Excess of gifts - how to deal with it?

The problem of a surplus of gifts from friends and family is something parents often have to deal with. It's a good idea to make a gift list to avoid unnecessary toys that your child simply has too many of (such as teddy bears or building blocks). It's a good idea to plan a suitable place for presents in advance - such as a wardrobe, chest of drawers, toy chest or bookcase.

When choosing a gift for Christmas, remember to match it not only to the age of the child, but also to their personal preferences - especially if we are talking about a child of preschool age. Parents, who know their children and their interests best, will certainly be helpful here. Thanks to this you have a chance to buy a gift together - without stress and unnecessary haste. And such a gift, which will serve for years, providing the child with joy and supporting their development.



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