Safe car seats

The safety of our young users is our priority, that's why Kinderkraft guarantees free membership in the SAFE CAR SEAT PROGRAMME, which allows you to replace a car seat that has been in an accident with a new one.

Research involving a thorough analysis of individual components has proven that car seats that were installed in cars involved in an accident or a road collision experience micro-damage, which makes continued safe use impossible. We're aware of this fact.

When you buy one of our car seats, you automatically join the programme and can have peace of mind that your child will always be safe.

Safe car seats

Have you had an accident?


Prepare your documents

You'll need: proof of purchase, police report from the accident, report of the vehicle damage to the insurer, and photo documentation from the scene of the accident.


Complete the form

Just provide your contact details, information about the collision and the car seat involved.


Wait for the courier

You don't pay for shipping the car seat. After a review and approval of the application, we'll send you a label that you need to place on the package before the courier arrives.


What do I need to do to take advantage of the "Safe Car Seat" programme?

Within 30 days of the accident / collision / road incident, fill in the form available on our website in the "Safe car seat" tab. After considering your application, you will receive its number and further instructions on how to replace the seat. We will also provide the date on which the courier will appear to collect the parcel.

Which products are covered by the "Safe Car Seat" programme?

The program covers all Kinderkraft car seats within 6 years from the date of purchase.

What documents must I attach to take advantage of the "Safe Car Seat" programme?

The condition for joining the program is to attach a proof of purchase and one of the following documents in the form: - a copy of the police report from the accident / collision / road incident in which the Participant took part, containing a mention of the presence of a correctly installed Seat in the car, - a copy of the communication damage report to the insurer containing a note that the car seat is properly installed in the Participant's car, - photo documentation from the place of the accident / collision / road incident (taking into account the appearance of the seat and vehicle damage), in which the Participant took part.
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