NUBI 2 stroller by Kinderkraft: 6 reasons why you should buy it this summer

NUBI 2 stroller by Kinderkraft: 6 reasons why you should buy it this summer

Summer’s just around the corner – it’s a time we love to spend having fun with the family outdoors. Are you well prepared for what's coming? Parents of small children know very well that leaving home with a baby, or even a toddler, requires appropriate equipment. Without the right preparation, walks and summer trips out of the city can be a real nightmare.

Luckily, thanks to the NUBI 2 pushchair, you don’t have to leave anything to chance. This compact and lightweight pushchair is the ideal companion for your travels. Irrespective of whether it's a long trip to the tropics or a short outing to the park, NUBI 2 will meet all your requirements.

Let's take a look at six reasons why you should choose this pushchair for your holidays.


NUBI 2 stroller – 6 key features


1. Practical – automatic folding function in just one move.

2. Compact – small size

3. Lightweight – weighs less than 8 kg

4. Long lasting – the pushchair capacity is 24 kg

5. Comfortable – large seat with smooth adjustment

6. Versatile – suitable for all types of weather conditions


A young boy sitting in the compact Kinderkraft NUBI 2 pushchair with mum kneeling beside him


Practical – automatic folding function in just one move


The NUBI 2 stroller is the perfect choice for anyone who values convenience and functionality. This is thanks to its unique design, which allows you to fold it to a compact size in one easy move. It's easier than ever to get around the city, go up stairs, travel on public transport and go on planes – the NUBI 2 stroller easily folds and stands independently, meaning you won’t have to bend over to pick it up. This is great when you’re coming out of a store and have to put away your shopping and the pushchair while holding your little one in your arms. With NUBI 2, everything is easier.


Compact – small size


Travelling with a child can be a real challenge – the items you have to remember and take with you (even if it’s “just in case”) take up a lot of room. As parents, you want to be prepared for every unexpected situation. However, the question arises – where and how should you store all your necessary items, particularly while travelling? The lightweight NUBI 2 stroller is the perfect answer. Thanks to its compact size, it’s just 54.5 cm high, 51 cm wide and 31.5 cm deep when folded, so it’s ideal as a travel stroller to take on a plane. A tried and tested pushchair is an absolute must on holidays – thanks to its sleek and clever design, NUBI 2 will be great everywhere, even on narrow alleyways full of tourists.


A young boy sitting in the compact Kinderkraft NUBI 2 pushchair looking directly at the camera lens


Lightweight – weighs less than 8 kg


The NUBI 2 stroller weighs less than 8 kg! Long summer walks, endless shopping trips, sightseeing and even visits to the city are all possible thanks to the lightness and ease of use of this stroller. Irrespective of whether you have to climb stairs or walk for miles along the seashore, you’ll always have a smile on your face thanks to the light weight of this model. In addition, NUBI 2 has a spacious and easily accessible basket.


Long lasting – the pushchair capacity is 24 kg


By choosing the compact NUBI 2 pushchair, you're making an investment that’ll last you for a long time. While most pushchairs are suitable only for children up to 15 kg, NUBI 2 can be used up to 22 kg. To put it simply, this means that even a four-year-old can get into the pushchair if they’re too tired to continue walking, or simply want to have a nap.

Thanks to the comfortable, extremely spacious seat and footrest, which can be adjusted into two positions, NUBI 2 can be tailored to the size of any child. What’s more, this model allows you to change from the sitting to the lie-flat position (and back). Irrespective of the child’s age, they’ll love the unparalleled comfort offered by NUBI 2 until they reach 22 kg.


Mother giving son fruit in a box for lunch, while he’s sitting in the compact Kinderkraft NUBI 2 pushchair in a shopping centre


Comfortable – large seat with smooth adjustment


Travelling can be uncomfortable for children, because they spend a lot of time in one position. Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment, and imagine the discomfort you could feel if you were forced to sit on an uncomfortable seat in hot weather for many hours. Luckily, with NUBI 2, this will never happen, because this model has a wide, ergonomic seat designed to ensure the highest level of comfort for your little one.


Extremely practical: can be used in all weather conditions


NUBI 2 features a large, waterproof hood made of UPF50+ fabric with a ventilation panel. These solutions have been included to provide excellent protection for your child against the sun, rain and wind.

In addition, to protect against a mosquito invasion on a beautiful, warm summer evening, simply use the mosquito net, which is hidden in the footrest.


NUBI 2: an ideal companion for summer trips (and not only)


The stroller has been designed with extreme care and attention to every little detail. The clever, convenient and compact NUBI 2 pushchair will meet most of your needs and expectations, irrespective of the weather.

Moreover, the stroller comes in four trendy colours, so you’re guaranteed to find one perfect for your taste and needs.


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