Wooden Cots

Łóżeczka tradycyjne drewniane dla dzieci

A cot is a place where your little one spends a lot of time. That's why when arranging your baby's room, the purchase of a cot becomes the most important decision. And so, a cot must be safe, comfortable and functional. The style is also key. In some rooms, a classic cot in the colour of light wood will look great. In others, it'll be the opposite – a modern cot with solid ends and a unique design. Irrespective of which style you choose, it's important for your youngster to associate it with peace and rest. This is also crucial for you. When your littlie is sleeping, you can relax or go about your business. All of our wooden cots are made with the peaceful sleep of babies and the comfort of their parents in mind!

Award - Made for mums 2022 Bronze award
Wooden bed KOYA White
  • 4 different functions
  • Enlargable to enlarge the cot
  • Mattress included

The choice of furniture for a child's room largely depends on the style in which you'd like to design it. Taking into account the changing interior design trends, it's good to focus on versatile children's furniture. Wooden cots in a neutral style will provide an excellent space for your child to sleep. Their details (such as rounded edges) and unique solutions (such as base height adjustment, wheels with locks) will provide great convenience for both the little sleepyhead and their parents. We'd like to recommend the KOYA 4-in-1 cot, which acts as a playpen, co-sleeper cot, standard cot and bed for older children.