10 years warranty

Product warranty extension up to 10 years

10 years warranty

Free repair of a
broken part

10 years warranty

Free replacement
of a broken part if repair is not possible.



To take advantage of the 10-year warranty programme, you must register the product within 30 days of purchase.

How do you join the programme?


Prepare proof of purchase

It'll be required to correctly complete the form in the next step.


Complete the form

Complete all the fields in the form below required to register for the programme.


Await return information

We'll send a confirmation of your registration for the programme to the e-mail address you provided :)


How can I file a complaint?

In order to submit a complaint, fill in the form on our website: https://rma.kinderkraft.com. In the report, describe the fault in detail and, if possible, attach photos or a short video showing the problem. After accepting the order, we will return to you with information about the assigned case number. If we can, we will repair your product. Otherwise, you will receive the necessary spare parts from us or we will replace the goods with a new one.

My product is incomplete (e.g. parts of the set are missing).

If you receive an incomplete product, fill in the form on our website: https://rma.kinderkraft.com, selecting the "shortage of delivery" type of report. In the application, provide the symbols of the missing elements from the user manual attached to the product. We will replace the missing parts or, if necessary, replace the product with a new one.

What's the warranty period?

The warranty period for Kinderkraft products is 2 years. For accessories attached to the device - batteries, chargers, additional or spare accessories - the warranty is 6 months.

Does the warranty cover all products available at https://kinderkraft.co.uk?

Yes, the warranty covers all Kinderkraft products.
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