Discovering the world from different perspectives is a great stimulation for a baby. While the parents' arms are the ideal place, the real fun begins on the floor! It is a place where a toddler gets to know the world for the first time, therefore multifunctional educational mats for children will make this playground a source of developing sensory stimuli and physical activities. It is a safe space for both small and older toddlers, and invaluable help for parents. Depending on your needs, our offer includes both classic educational mats for children, as well as foam and multifunctional mats. Each of them is full of colours and pictures that stimulate the imagination, developing accessories such as a sensory ball and cards, and finally something perfect for babies: the mascots providing a lot of great fun!

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LITTLE GARDENER educational mat multicolour
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Kinderkraft SEA LAND
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Educational Playmat 4SMART Multicolor
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Mata edukacyjna TIPPY
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Mata piankowa Matty
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Mata piankowa Kinderkraft Luno
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Mata piankowa Kinderkraft Luno
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Educational Playmat SMARTPLAY Multicolor
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Educational and foam mats

Educational mat is not only great fun for the toddler and opportunity to have a break for parents. This is one of the first places where a child really develops through play! Contrasting patterns stimulate eyesight, toys of various shapes develop motor skills, and the entire mat encourages the first gymnastics!