10 Fun Indoor Activities for children under 3 years of age

10 Fun Indoor Activities for children under 3 years of age

Do you lack ideas for creative play with your child? Or maybe your little one still wants to play something new, and despite being very imaginative, you begin to run out of your creativity reserves for coming up with interesting activities? We know this perfectly well. Trust us, it’s no problem! We know how demanding children can be and we know that they can get bored with games within a few minutes. In order to help you, we have prepared a list of 10 inspiring ideas for activities that you can do together at home – they will be great not only in the fall and winter, but also in spring and summer, when the weather is not good. Check out our suggestions for games that are perfect for babies and children up to 3 years old.


How to play at home with the youngest?


Below you will find reliable ways to keep your older and younger children entertained without leaving home.


1. Indoor obstacle course


A balance bike can be an engaging toy for a child. You don’t have to worry about floors if you choose a model with foam wheels, such as MINIBI or CUTIE. If you have enough space at home, organize a race or slalom. Learning to stop in a designated place or practising figure 8's around furniture can also be great fun - only space and your own imagination is the limit! While riding a balance bike, the toddlers not only have great fun, but they also develop their sense of balance, hand-eye coordination, learn planning and discover that their actions have consequences. Riding a bike through a home obstacle course can be a real challenge and an opportunity for great fun for children. Preparing the race site does not require much effort - just place a few chairs, cardboard boxes, larger stuffed animals, or other things you have at hand at home. The child's task will be to avoid obstacles. Another variation of this exercise - if you don't have any obstacles at hand - is creating a trail on the floor with the use of paper tape, and the child will have to follow this path. It's great fun for younger and older children!


A young boy is seated in the kitchen on the MINIBI ride-on by Kinderkraft, prepared for a playful obstacle course adventure.


2. Trike Riding Adventures


Staying in the biking theme – we also have suggestions for slightly younger children, namely tricycles. Trikes can be used by children who are over one year old. In addition to classic games, such as races, you can try using a bit of imagination. Invite your child to take on the role of a brave explorer who travels through the mysterious jungle on his/her vehicle (pillows can play the role of bushes, a spread blanket can imitate a lazily flowing river, and stuffed animals can be the animals that the little explorer will come across during his/her journey); or an adventurer who finds treasures hidden in nooks and crannies at home (favourite toys, stickers, etc.). During such activities, children not only practice balance but also develop their imagination.


3. Play Mat Magic


Playing with mats is an ideal proposition for both toddlers and older children. In the first months of life, an excellent choice would be an educational mat, for example, SMARTPLAY SEA with sensory zones encouraging exploration - at first, with the help of a parent, and as time goes on, more independently. You can engage in various motor activities on it – pass toys to the child's hands, encourage turning towards you, practice alternating movements, etc. Eye exercises are also a good idea – move a contrasting toy or cards attached to the mat in front of the child's face and let them track it with their eyes.


A baby is playing while lying on their stomach on the educational mat by Kinderkraft


4. Painting fun


Help your child discover the artist hidden within. Who knows, maybe another Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo lives under your roof? Children aged one or one and a half years can successfully create their first works of art - but remember to supply them with non-toxic paints suitable for them or make them yourself (e.g. from corn flour, water and food dyes) - you will find many recipes for safe paints on the Web. Use brushes or go a little crazy and paint with your fingers - it's great sensory fun. You can create your works of art either on the floor - then a mat will come in handy to protect the child from the cold and the panels or tiles from getting dirty; or at the table. In the second case, the multifunctional high chairs will be an irreplaceable companion that will support your child's passions. It is a great partner not only for everyday meals, but also for various types of activities - from painting, through puzzle-solving, to the first household tasks. It is a chair that grows with the child. After you finish painting, arrange an art gallery, presenting your toddler's works of art to the rest of the family.


A two-year-old boy is enjoying some creative playtime with his younger brother, both happily engaging in finger painting with brushes. The younger sibling, a baby boy, is comfortably seated in the LIVY and CALMEE baby bouncer by Kinderkraft.


5. Musical Moments


What about using a balance bike in a slightly less conventional way? Just add some good music (plus colourful lights, like on a Christmas tree, if you have them on hand) to transform the room into a fantastic, bike-themed disco. It's great fun even for the little ones! The lightweight MINIBI or CUTIE push toy-bike will make a great dance partner. During this playtime, the little one can learn to move to the rhythm of music and respond to its tempo. During faster songs, they can make more energetic movements, and during slower ones, they can slow down as well. You can also play a game in which cycling is only allowed when there is music playing, and when the music stops, the child must stop. It's a great way to learn balance and have fun that engages not only the body but also the senses.


6. Dance Party Extravaganza


Dance is one of the most popular forms of exercise. Both children and adults like to sway or at least tap their feet to their favourite song. Use this to engage your toddler in play. Spread a foam mat on the floor to prevent slipping, create a playlist together with music that you enjoy dancing to, and start to enjoy music! You can create a choreography together, recreate one from your favourite cartoon or children's song, practice classical dance steps, simulate household chores while dancing (vacuuming, ironing, loading the washing machine, etc.), or simply get your bodies moving and have a great time, regardless of your age.


The 1.5-year-old girl is playing in her children's room on the Kinderkraft foam mat, arranging puzzles.


7. Mat gymnastics


Another type of physical activity that can be practised at home is gymnastics. After all, a healthy mind in a healthy body! To start, you only need comfortable clothes, but a foam mat like LUNO by Kinderkraft would also be useful, enabling safe gymnastics without the risk of slipping. Simple exercises like stretching, arm circles, crawling, bends, jumping jacks, etc., will help you get to know your body better, release energy, and simultaneously support work on balance, motor coordination, and muscle strengthening. If you have no ideas, you can find many inspirations for physical activities for children on the Internet.


The one-year-old girl is playing with her mom on the Kinderkraft foam mat in the living room. They are building a train with wooden blocks.


8. Sensory Exploration


Sensory games allow the child to learn about different shapes, colours and textures, and also develop motor skills and help them calm down. It's a great idea for spending a rainy afternoon, especially since there are really many options for such activities. In a few moments, with ingredients you have at home, you can make intriguing toys that will engage the child for many hours. Kinetic sand will be perfect for kneading, pouring, shaping, or building structures. Pasta in various shapes and colours will be perfect for your toddler to sort. Various coloured pompoms closed in a string bag with water or oil are also great for sorting, arranging them into specific shapes or moving them to a designated place marked on the bag. A non-Newtonian fluid made of starch and water will ensure hours of play, changing its state of matter depending on whether the child interacts with it or not.


9. Decorating cookies together


For young children, decorating cookies is a highly creative and imagination-stirring activity. Whether they are holiday gingerbread cookies or plain shortbread cookies, it's guaranteed to be a lot of fun! Prepare chocolate (which you'll grate into shavings and also use for homemade icing), favourite nuts, dried fruit or flowers, puffed grains, and other toppings you enjoy eating, and cookies - of course! Sit comfortably at the table and let your imagination run wild. The child will have the opportunity to explore various textures of pastry toppings and, at the same time, enhance their creativity and hand-eye coordination.


 A little girl is sitting in the multifunctional Kinderkraft chair with a table, decorating cookies.


10. Treasure hunting


Offer your child a treasure hunting game, which will also be a great exercise in eye-hand coordination. You will need a playmat, which turns into a dry pool in which you can hide various treasures - animal figurines, small cars or stuffed animals, artificial fish, sensory toys or other favourite toys of your child. Cover them with the balls and the child will have to fish out the treasures using spoons, soup ladles, tongs or other kitchen accessories.
Another alternative to this game may be fishing out balls of a specific colour and putting them into a nearby placed bowl.


The baby is lying on their back on the play mat by Kinderkraft in the living room. Beside them, the mother is sitting, smiling at the baby.


How to choose products according to the child's age?


Our inspirations for playing at home include many Kinderkraft products. Remember to always choose a model that suits your child's age and needs, when shopping. Thanks to this, you will be sure that they will bring pure pleasure. Check out our tips on selecting products. Not all of them are as universal as our LIVY high chair, which can be used by the whole family - it is suitable for both 7-month-old children (in the version with a rocker from the first days of life!) and for adults weighing up to 110 kg.


Balance bikes


Stylish, metal balance are perfect for three-year-olds. They are solid and durable, making them perfect for both outdoor and indoor play. They will make an irreplaceable companion for slaloms and even a bicycle disco.

The light TOVE bicycle will become the best friend of a younger child, approximately one and a half years old. It will help them learn balance and develop their motor skills. Parents will certainly appreciate its lightness and practical carrying handle.


The 2-year-old boy is playing with a balance bike in the living room, accompanied by his mother who is nearby.




For younger children, the MINIBI or CUTIE tricycle or the HALLEY scooter/balance bike will be perfect. They are suitable for babies who are over one year old. They will be perfect companions, both at home and outdoors. In this category, we also recommend 4TRIKE - for a one-year-old child, it will serve as a tricycle, and after the child turns two, you can easily transform it into a classic balance bike or a bike with pedals.




We also offer mats perfect for both newborns and older children. Contrasting educational mats will provide hours of play for the youngest, and models with an innovative tipi will be loved by both toddlers and preschoolers, as well as elementary school pupils. We must also mention the practical foam mats, which will have many uses - they will serve as insulation from the floor and a safe place to play, and in the case of those featuring puzzles, they will stimulate the child's creativity when creating one-of-a-kind structures.


Remember that time spent together is the most valuable


We hope that you will be inspired by our ideas for spending creative and playful time with your child at home. No matter how old your child is, the moments spent together will be a valuable experience and pleasant memory for both of you. With Kinderkraft’s products, you will help your child develop, and playing together will certainly have a positive impact on his/her future.


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