How to wash a pushchair?

How to wash a pushchair?

How shall I clean a pushchair?


Most of the pushchairs are made of easy-to-clean fabrics - eco-leather (handles and guard rails), polyester and cotton (mattress covers) are the most commonly used materials. Fresh stains just need to be wiped with a damp sponge or even a wet tissue that parents always carry with them.


Problems arise when there are stains on the pushchair that are difficult to wash: chocolate, mud or milk stains. In addition, you should remember to wash the fabrics that directly touch the baby's skin on a regular basis - the heat causes sweating, and thus: dirtying the cover. What do you need to remember before washing the pushchair?


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1. First, vacuum the pushchair

Dirt, smog, sand and dust settle on all sides of the pushchair. Therefore, before removing the coverings, first vacuum the pushchair thoroughly - both inside and out. If you want to wash the carrycot, remove the mattress and shake it outside before vacuuming it. Pay special attention to the bends in the pushchair - usually forgotten - this is where the most dirt is collected.


2. Take off the cover

We recommend that you find the manual for the specific pushchair model you have at home. Depending on the type of vehicle, the method of removal of the cover may differ. Some pushchairs are equipped with simple press stud fasteners, and some have zippers. Check the easiest way to remove the cover for washing and read the label that is printed on the fabric. It is possible that your model is machine washable.


If you wash the cover by hand, first soak the material thoroughly and then rinse it. Then add washing powder or soap flakes and wash the cover thoroughly. Rinse it until the water is completely clean.


3. Be careful with detergents

When washing the pushchairs, use the mildest detergents possible - preferably those that you know will not sensitize your baby Remember that the covers touch the baby's skin, so it's better to use tested detergents. Also, do not use fragrance balls or fabric softeners - they stretch the fabric and may damage the cover or it may lose its shape!

4. Time for drying

As in the case of woollen sweaters, the way you hang out the pushchair cover matters. So that the fabric does not fold and is easy to put on afterwards, spread the washed cover flat on the dryer. Never dry the covers in a tumble dryer!


Stretching the material is a good idea - thanks to this, the cover will not lose its shape, and it will be easier for you to put it back on the frame. Remember: the material must be completely dry to fit it on the frame.


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How often shall I wash a pushchair?

Pushchairs should be washed as needed - at least once every few months. During hot summer, it will be necessary to wash it even every month - in winter, it is enough to wash the pushchair every 3-4 months. A lot also depends on the degree of dirt, storage of the pushchair and the frequency of its use. The more often you go for long walks, the more often the pushchair should be washed. The environment in which you walk also affects the condition of the pushchair. You will have to wash the pushchair more often if you choose muddy or sandy paths for your walks.


Remember that some dirt is invisible to the naked eye - you will not see dust, mites or fumes deposition (if you live in a city). This is why it is so important to wash your pushchair regularly, even if you cannot see dirt.


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