Playmat TIPPY


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Main advantages

  • 3-in-1: educational mat, teepee and independent mat
  • Unique design
  • Supports child development
Main advantages
Provides the child with joy for many years

Provides the child with joy for many years

  • TIPPY is a unique mat with a beautiful design and animal names written in English that can be used in three ways from the child's birth. The unique design and attention to detail add special charm to every children's room and the mat will change according to the play ideas of the child.


Designed in Europe

The European New Product Development Department makes sure that products offered by Kinderkraft are as good as possible in terms of functionality and safety, and that they follow the latest design trends. The department is made up of competent people with many years of experience in the children's products industry, and many of them are parents.
Designed in Europe


3-in-1 educational mat

3-in-1 educational mat

TIPPY is a unique mat with three functions: an educational mat with bars for younger children, a mat with a teepee, and an independent mat. It can be used from birth and will serve your youngster for many years. Thanks to the teepee TIPPY will also provide older children with much joy.

Supports child development

Supports child development

The TIPPY educational mat supports child development in the first months of life: it encourages your little one to lift their head, to stretch out their arms to reach the toys, and to roll over from the tummy to the back; it also improves eye-hand coordination.

Toys in the set

Toys in the set

The set also includes the following toys: a plush orca with a teether, a plush swallow with ribbons, a rattle with a plush leaf, mirror, and two rustling toys on the mat.

Teepee with window

Teepee with window

Does your child love playing hide and seek? TIPPY will be ideal! The teepee features two windows with fabric curtains that let you peek inside and play "peekaboo".

Lightweight, soft and safe

Lightweight, soft and safe

The mat's adjustable bars are made of soft foam, which means you don't have to worry about your child while they play. The strong stitching and the fact that there are no loose threads mean your little one can be comfortable and safe. It's lightweight, so you can take it wherever you like.

Unique desig

Unique desig

The TIPPY mat has an interesting design for young children, and a larger base than other mats of this type. It'll give your little one even more space to play. The mat features continents and animals that live on them. They're written in English, so that in later years, your child can freely and naturally learn this language while playing.



  • Playmat TIPPY
  • Playmat TIPPY
  • Playmat TIPPY
  • Playmat TIPPY


  • Polyester

    The base of the mat and teepee are made of easy-to-clean polyester. They can be machine washed

  • PE foam

    The bars are made of soft and flexible foam

    PE foam

Additional data

Mat: 92.5 cm x 140 cm
Height with toy bars: 46 cm
Height with toy bars and teepee: 140 cm
Weight: 1.39 kg


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Playmat TIPPY Mats
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  • My daughter is so happy with it. It is sturdy, very well made and looks super cool in her playroom.
  • Beautiful playmat! It does the job and looks very nice. I love its design. Great, great product!
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TIPPY is a unique educational mat with a beautiful pattern and names of animals in English, which can be used in 3 ways from the first days of a child's life. Due to original design and attention to detail the mat will add a lot of charm to every child's room and will change along with the child's ideas for play. First, it will accompany the toddler as an educational mat with soft toy bars and educational toys - the child will have the opportunity improve hand-eye coordination. Then, when your baby grows up, transform it into a tepee: it is great fun for any baby who is already sitting independently! Your toddler will be delighted with the tent with a window that you will surely use until preschool time. In the meantime, you will take TIPPY with you for a walk - it is thick and large, so you can use it as a picnic blanket.