A 10-year guarantee for Kinderkraft products. Guarantee conditions:

  1. 1. The guarantor is 4Kraft sp. z o. o. as a limited liability company under Polish law with its registered office in Poznań, business address: ul. Tatrzańska 1/5, 60-413 Poznań, Poland, entered into the Polish National Court Register (KRS) kept by the District Court in Poznań, KRS entry number:  0000378767, NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL 7811861679.

  2. 2. This guarantee applies to Kinderkraft-branded products purchased and used in the territory of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, excluding British overseas territories, especially: Falklands, Bermuda and Cayman Islands and European Union member states, excluding overseas territories, especially: Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, French overseas departments, Åland Islands, Athos, Ceuta, Melilla, Heligoland, Büsingen am Hochrhein, Campione d'Italia and Livigno (hereinafter: "products"). The guarantee is offered to consumers who have purchased Kinderkraft products for private use ("guarantee holders"). In addition to this limited guarantee, statutory guarantee claims apply.
  3. 3. The guarantor grants a guarantee for defects in the materials and workmanship of Kinderkraft-branded products provided that the operating instructions submitted at the time of the conclusion of the agreement are observed (manufacturer's guarantee).

  4. 4. Notwithstanding this guarantee, the consumer has statutory guarantee rights, which are not restricted in any way by this guarantee.

  5. 5. The manufacturer's guarantee period is 10 years and begins at the time of product delivery to the purchaser.
  6. 6. This 10-year guarantee covers all Kinderkraft branded products, with exception of car seats.

  7. 7. If a defect in workmanship or material is discovered during the guarantee period, the product will be repaired free of charge or replaced with a new one, at the sole discretion of the guarantor.

  8. 8. The manufacturer's guarantee is not transferable, therefore only the first purchaser can assert his/her rights thereunder.

  9. 9. The rights under the 10-year guarantee are enforceable only if the purchaser has filled out the form accessible at kinderkraft.com/en within 30 days from the date of purchase of the product. In the process of registration, the purchaser must provide (send) the original proof of purchase.

  10. 10. If a defect in workmanship or material is discovered during the guarantee period, the claim under the guarantee is to be reported by filling in the form accessible at kinderkraft.com/en. Once the form has been submitted, the guarantee claim is verified by the customer servicing department.  The requests are processed as soon as possible. The guarantee holder is informed of the number assigned to the request and receives instructions on how to proceed.

  11. 11. The guarantee covers door-to-door service. The courier collects the defective product from the guarantee holder and delivers it to the guarantor’s servicing department. Once repaired, the product is sent back to the guarantee holder.  This service is free of charge.

  12. 12. If the guarantee holder decides not to use the door-to-door service, he/she is given the return document free of charge.

  13. 13. If the guarantee holder sends the defective product at his/her own expense, he/she is reimbursed for the cheapest shipment method.

  14. 14. The guarantee holder is under an obligation to deliver the product in the original or replacement packaging, with all accessories (where applicable). The guarantee holder is held responsible for any and all damage resulting from the use of replacement packaging or inadequate product protection.

  15. 15. Defects detected during the guarantee period will be repaired, free of charge, as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 working days after physical acceptance of the product for repair by the guarantor’s servicing department, whereupon the product will be handed over to the carrier.

  16. 16. The deadline for the remedy of defects according to par. 15 may be extended by the time needed in order to deliver the required spare parts, but shall in no case be longer than 30 working days. In such cases, the guarantee holder will be informed of the extension of the time needed for repair and the expected date of remedy of the defect.

  17. 17. The guarantor reserves the right to extend the periods referred to in par. 15 and 16 if Force Majeure (also called: “act of God”) occurs.
  18. 18. If the repair requires replacement of parts, the defective items remain the guarantor’s property. The spare parts used may be produced by a different manufacturer as long as they are at least equivalent in technical terms.

  19. 19. If the defect reported is not covered by the guarantee, the costs of repair are borne by the guarantee holder. Then, the guarantee holder will be informed of the cost of the repair, which will only be carried out upon his/her consent.

  20. 20. The guarantee does not apply where:
  • 1) Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship;
  • 2) Damage due to improper use or poor maintenance – including but not limited to mechanical damage to the products done by improper use or poor maintenance;
    1. a. Please read the product instructions for use and maintenance in the user manual;
  • 3) Damage due to improper assembly, installation or disassembly of products and/or accessories;
    1. a. Please read the product instructions for use and installation in the instructions for use;
  • 4) Damage caused by corrosion, mould or rust due to poor maintenance, care and storage;
  • 5) Damage due to normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging;
    1. a. This includes: tears or punctures on internal tubes inside the wheels; tyre damage; tread damage; faded fabrics from mechanical use (e.g. on joints and covering movable parts);
  • 6) Damage or erosion due to the sun, perspiration, detergents, storage conditions or frequent washing etc.;
  • 7) Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact, earthquake or other external cause;
  • 8) Products that have been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of 4Kraft;
  • 9) Products from which any serial number has been removed or defaced from;
  • 10) Damage caused by use with a third party component or product – including but not limited to cupholder’s, umbrellas, reflectors and bells;
  • 11) Purchase of the product from an unauthorised dealer – list of authorised dealers can be found here ;
  • 12) Second ownership or ownership by anyone other than the original owner;
  • 13) Damage caused by transport or handling on an aircraft.


  1. 21. The guarantee does not apply to claims concerning technical parameters of the product if they are consistent with the guarantor's instructions or other documents specifying the technical parameters of the product.
  2. 22. The guarantee does not cover any damage or expenses resulting from material defects (consequential damages).
  3. 23. The guarantee does not cover accessories (e.g. batteries, chargers, additional or replacement accessories).
  4. 24. The guarantee holder loses the right to pursue claims under the guarantee if:

1) 1) the security seal has been tampered with,

2) 2) the rating plate with the serial number has been damaged, or

3) 3) any unauthorised repair, modification of the system or structural modifications have been made by the guarantee holder.

  1. 25. This guarantee is governed by laws of England and Wales, subject to exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

  2. 26. Invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.