• Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size
  • Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size
  • Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size
  • Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size

Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size

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Main advantages

  • Latest R129 i-Size safety standard
  • For children 100-150 cm tall (3.5-12 years)
  • Dedicated safety systems
  • ISOFIX or car seat belt
  • Front Way Facing (FWF) installation
Main advantages
Latest certification - a new level of safety

Latest certification - a new level of safety

  • We present you a JUNIOR FIX - a car seat compliant with the latest R129 i-Size safety standard. It has been designed for children 100-150 cm tall (3.5-12 years). Its overarching mission is to ensure your child's safe and comfortable journey. It is equipped with a dedicated safety systems - SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM, so fortified side protection that absorbs the energy generated during the collision. They protect the child's sensitive spine and shoulders well. The head is protected by the H-GUARD SYSTEM: reinforced 3-layer headrest that, thanks to the 10-point adjustment, can be adjusted better to the little one's height with just one hand. The car seat can be installed using the ISOFIX system or, optionally, with a 3-point car seat belt.


  • Certified safety

    Certified safety

    The JUNIOR FIX car seat was tested in more strict conditions than required by the standard (side and frontal collisions). It is compliant with the R129 i-Size standard - certification based on the most up-to-date standards that allows you to focus entirely on driving the car, knowing that your little one is safe and sound.



    The JUNIOR FIX car seat is equipped with the SPS system - reinforced side protection secures little one's fragile arms and spine well during the collision. The car seat's construction absorbs the impact energy during side collisions. A well-fitting 3-layer headrest with additional memory foam protects the sensitive head of a child during a car crash. It absorbs energy, preventing it from reaching the little one's head.

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation

    Thanks to the ISOFIX connectors, you can quickly and correctly install the car seat in a car. The car seat is equipped with an indicator that shows a green colour once the JUNIOR FIX is installed correctly. The connectors are adjustable, so in case of a need, you can fix the car seat using the car seat belts if your car doesn't have the ISOFIX system. You can also easily fit the car seat's backrest to the car seat bench.

  • Adjustable headrest

    Adjustable headrest

    The headrest has a 10-point adjustment. In just a few seconds, you can set it on a chosen level - all that using one hand. Remember that only a correctly fitted headrest has a chance to protect the child's head during a car accident perfectly!

Key benefits

MadeForMums (MFM)

MadeForMums (MFM) is a UK-based parenting portal that annually conducts thorough evaluations of children's products. Families, experts, and influencers test and review products to award the best in each category, aiding parents in selecting the highest quality items.
MadeForMums (MFM)

Key features

Wide seat

The seat is wide and comfortable as it was made out of soft, high-quality fabrics. The child will feel comfortable during both short car rides and longer journeys. The cover can be easily removed for washing - thanks to which you can keep the car seat clean and tidy for years.

Other features

Product features - Video

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Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size
Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size

Additional data

Child's age/weight/height:100-150 cm (3,5-12 years)
Product weight:6.4 kg
product dimensions: (dł. x szer. x wys.)
Folded: 41 x 44 x 61 cm
Unfolded: 41 x 44 x 80 cm


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Car seat JUNIOR FIX i-Size Child
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