Short outings to the city, family visits, trips and even longer expeditions – a car seat is with you whenever you want to ensure your child's safety while travelling. It's one of the most important elements of your baby starter kit, and a must-have from birth, as it allows you to safely transport your newborn. When your little one gets older, it's time to change to a bigger model, which should be suited to their weight, height and changing needs. It's very important for a car seat to be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions: when choosing, note the weight group and pick a model in which every trip will be safe!


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Car Seat COMFORT UP Pink
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Car seat: safety on roads!

There are many situations in which your child accompanies you on car trips. Sometimes, it's a planned trip, other times it's unexpected, such as an urgent errand to run in the city. Every parent knows that mobility makes parenting easier.

Irrespective of the fact how often you travel and for what purpose, a car seat is one thing you can't go without. It's designed to meet safety requirements and to be correctly tailored to your little one's age, and so it plays a super-important role: it makes sure that your child gets to the destination in comfort and safely.