Car seats

When you become a parent, you start being careful about how you drive. You look after the car and drive safely, because the back seat now has a little human you love. A car seat for children weighing 0-36 kg is the second car seat for your little one. It's designed for children from several months to approx. 12 years, meaning it will last you for a long time and will grow with its little owner. Choosing a car seat for children weighing 0-36 kg by Kinderkraft, you can be sure that you're choosing quality and reliability at the right price.

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What should you look for when choosing a car seat?

Irrespective of whether you travel mainly around the city or you frequently take long trips, your child's safety is always at the forefront of your mind. That's why it's so important to choose the right car seat. It's not only a companion on road trips, but also a carer for your little passenger. When looking for the right car seat, check: