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ADOREE ergonomic carrier



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Main advantages

  • Combination of traditional baby carrier and sling
  • From 3 months to 20 kg
  • 3 tying possibilities (adjusted to baby's age and weight)
  • 2 carrying positions (on your back and on your belly)
  • Machine washable
Main advantages
Easy tying - closeness to the parent

Easy tying - closeness to the parent

  • Meet ADOREE - an ergonomic Mei Tai carrier that combines the advantages of a classic carrier and an ergonomic baby sling. It is designed for children from 3 months to 20 kg. Thanks to it you will build emotional closeness with your child, at the same time having free hands and freedom of movement. ADOREE has an adjustable waist belt which makes it easy for parents to put the carrier on. The sling shoulder straps, on the other hand, allow for a better fit. They do not have uncomfortable buckles, and in addition, they are wide and soft, so they distribute the weight of the child well, thus relieving the back of the parent. The ADOREE carrier allows your baby to adopt an ergonomic, hip-safe posture ( frog position). It has a removable hood that protects your baby from wind and drizzle, and extra foam on the head and leg support panel. The ADOREE allows you to always have your little one with you - without restricting your movements.


Designed in Europe

The European New Product Development Department makes sure that products offered by Kinderkraft are as good as possible in terms of functionality and safety, and that they follow the latest design trends. The department is made up of competent people with many years of experience in the children's products industry, and many of them are parents.
Designed in Europe

Key features

For older and younger children

For older and younger children

"ADOREE is dedicated to babies as young as 3 months old up to 20 kg. Depending on your baby's age, you can choose from three different tying options so that they are in the healthiest position. The option of carrying older children on their back allows them to explore the world from a completely different perspective. Thanks to the special tying method, dedicated to babies between 8 and 12 months, you will take even better care of the forming spine."



The ADOREE ergonomic carrier allows your baby to adopt a safe posture. The baby has M-shaped legs and a rounded back, which supports the correct development of these skeletal structures (letter M). It does not strain the small hips, reducing the risk of dysplasia.

Foam around the head and legs

Foam around the head and legs

In the part of the panel that supports the head and legs there is additional foam that prevents abrasions and supports the baby's head. The baby will be comfortable in any position - on its stomach or back.

Protection from wind and sun

Protection from wind and sun

The detachable hood wraps your baby's head snugly, protecting it from wind and drizzle. Your baby will be able to nap, cradled in your arms in all conditions.

Baby comfort

Baby comfort

The adjustable panel, thanks to the internal hook and loop fasteners, can be easily expanded or narrowed to fit even very small children. Your little one will be comfortably enveloped by the soft fabric while being snug against your body. ADOREE is made of natural, breathable materials - cotton and a combination of viscose and linen, which are baby-friendly.

Parent comfort

Parent comfort

The ADOREE ergonomic carrier has long, sling-like shoulder straps. They allow for any adjustment, and thus - a better fit for the child and the figure of the parent. The straps distribute the child's weight well, thus relieving the back of the person carrying. The hip belt allows wide adjustment. Thanks to it the parent can easily adjust the carrier to their figure.



ADOREE ergonomic carrier
ADOREE ergonomic carrier


  • Cotton

    The back of the carrier is made of breathable cotton

  • Linen and viscose

    The sling straps are made of a combination of sturdy linen and stretchy viscose

    Linen and viscose

Additional data

Length:19.7 in
Width:15 in
Length of fabric lap belt:27 in
Waist belt adjustment circumference:27-64.6 in
Length of shoulder straps:74 in
Weight:0.75 kg


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ADOREE ergonomic carrier Baby carriers
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    Super comfortable! I love how adjustable this baby carrier is, my baby seems to feel extra safe and comfy in it. Also it's very modern and stylish, love the neutral colour palette.
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