A co-sleeper cot for a baby - which one to choose?

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A co-sleeper cot for a baby - which one to choose?

You are about to welcome a new member of your family into the world. You are completing the layette, arranging the baby's room, buying the necessary accessories. Wondering about the choice of cot? Are you thinking about a co-sleeper cot? We will help you to choose one! In the following article you will learn everything about co-sleeper cots.


Co-sleeper cot  - what is it?


What exactly is a co-sleeper cot? As the name suggests, it can be connected to the parent's bed. It's smaller than a classic cot, lighter and easier to move. This is an option for babies who require the constant proximity of the parent, regular feeding, day and night.


Co-sleeper cots - advantages


The most important advantage of such a co-sleeper cot is that the child stays next to you. Thanks to this you do not have to get out of bed every time you want to feed or soothe the little one. The ability to lower one side of a co-sleeper cot is a great convenience for parents. This keeps your baby close to you - right at your fingertips.

You can attach it to different types of beds with long straps, and it's also adjustable in height. For example, the UNO UP mattress has a 6-point height adjustment, so you can adjust a co-sleeper cot to the height of your bed. You can also adjust the height of the legs so that the co-sleeper cot is snugly fitted to your parent's bed.

Another advantage is certainly the mobility of a co-sleeper cot - it is very easy to move and carry. Most of them have casters. In a few moments you can move it e.g. from the bedroom to the living room or kitchen so that you can always keep an eye on your little one. In addition UNO UP is distinguished by a lightweight aluminum frame - the whole cot weighs only 8.4 kg! Thanks to their mobility, Kinderkraft co-sleeper cots are also suitable as independent cots for babies. They are ideal for naps during the day under the supervision of the parent.

Modern cots also have adjustable angle of inclination (as in the case of NESTE AIR, NESTE UP, UNO UP). This is a great convenience for a child when they have a runny nose (it will make breathing easier at night) or a problem with frequent drooling of food.

Co-sleeper cots are also easy to keep clean. Most covers can be easily removed and machine washed.


Co-sleeper cots - drawbacks


Are there any drawbacks to co-sleeper cots? The only thing that can be mentioned here is the small size of them. Although this feature is mainly seen as an advantage - it is ideal for small rooms (standard cots take up much more space).

A small cot will need to be replaced with a new one before the child is one year old. Co-sleeper cots are designed for children up to 9 kg, or until the child begins to turn on their own. However, there are also cots on the market, such as our SIDE2BED, which can be converted from a co-sleeper cot into a cot for an older child (who can use it up to about a year!).

The unique 4-in-1 KOYA cot is also worth mentioning - it looks like a classic wooden furniture and functions as a co-sleeper cot, an infant cot (90 x 60 cm), a regular cot (120 x 60 cm) and a playpen. KOYA grows with your child! Thanks to easy change of functions the cot will serve your child from birth to about 2 years of age.

The choice of cot is an individual matter of parents. There are those who want to invest in one piece of furniture, which will last longer for your child. Others prefer to change the cot as needed. In the Kinderkraft offer you will find products that will satisfy every parent and toddler. Night wakings can be much more pleasant - without having to get up to your baby and taking it out of bed. And a baby will be much calmer when he or she feels the soothing closeness of a parent next to them.


Co-sleeper cot or travel cot?


Do you like to travel? If you want to take your little one with you, you need to give him or her a comfortable place to sleep and rest. If you already have a classic baby cot, and you want to travel with your little one - get a travel cot in addition.

There are many travel cots with attractive equipment (changing table, shelves, toy bar, mosquito net), such as JOY. You can fold it quickly and easily, pack it in a bag, and transport it. There are also travel cots which can be used as an independent cot for your baby at home, such as SOFI (also a playpen and a cradle).

If you are just planning to buy a cot - consider a multifunctional product. UNO UP functions as a standalone cot and a co-sleeper cot in one, and at the same time it is mobile and you can take it with you. It folds easily, and the included carrying bag makes it easy to transport.


Is it worth investing in a co-sleeper cot?


This is an individual question, depending on many factors. Certainly it will be a great choice for families with smaller apartments. But of course, space is not the key consideration here...

Today, more attention is paid to the sense of closeness and bonding between mother and child. There is more and more talk about how much this closeness determines the later development of a child. For parents this is much more important than size or mobility. A co-sleeper cot guarantees closeness and at the same time provides your child with a sense of security and protection (as opposed to sleeping with the baby in one bed).

The second argument in favor of buying a co-sleeper cot is undoubtedly the comfort of the parent. We all know how much of an effort it is for a young mother to have sleepless nights every day. At the beginning the baby demands to be fed every 3-4 hours, but there are children who wake up even more often. What does the mother do then? She wakes up from sleep, gets up, takes the baby out, feeds it (if with modified milk, then there is the whole process of preparing the mixture), puts the baby to sleep, puts it back to bed and goes back to sleep. And this is still a very truncated version of events. Babies can be restless when they do not feel a parent next to them, they often cry. They are just learning the world and the schedule of adults. Not to mention colic, fever, runny nose....

For most moms, it's important to keep unnecessary exertion at night to a minimum so they can recover. For women who have recently given birth, it is very important to create comfortable conditions for functioning with a toddler. The greatest recovery of the body takes place during sleep, so mom should sleep as much as possible. After all, the next day brings with it so many challenges and emotions! A co-sleeper cot will significantly facilitate the functioning of young parents. Comfort of mother and child has no price.


What to look for before buying a co-sleeper cot?


First of all, pay attention to the dimensions of the cot and the manufacturer's information on the maximum weight of an infant which can sleep in it. Remember to check what kind of material the cot is made of and if it is safe for your child. Also important is a stable frame - it may be steel, or lighter, aluminum.

Another thing to consider is the mattress. Find out whether it is firm enough (as recommended by physiotherapists), whether it comes with the cot, or whether you have to buy it separately. A firm mattress included in the set, additionally with a matching sheet, is an advantage of e.g. the NESTE UP cot.

Don't forget about the sides of a co-sleeper cot. They should have mesh, which will ensure proper airflow. In this respect, our NESTE AIR cot stands out on the market; all its walls are made of mesh. It will be perfect during hot days and in warm climates. It will provide a baby with great air circulation, and parents - a good view of their child.

When we decide to buy a co-sleeper cot, let's be guided by the safety of our baby (the product must have the necessary certificates and information on what materials it is made of). Then let's see if a co-sleeper cot can be easily adapted to a bed (a large range of height adjustment of the mattress and legs), and whether it has a good quality mattress. If  a co-sleeper cot has the function of an independent bed - castors will also be important (very easy to move to other rooms).

Finally, let's consider whether it fits into our lifestyle. If you want to be mobile and travel with your little one - choose a light product which folds easily and which has a bag for carrying and transporting.


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