VOLUNTARY SAFETY PROGRAMME for Kinderkraft MINK car seats belonging to a specific production batch– regarding a specific range of Kinderkraft MINK car seats

The Kinderkraft brand manufacturer, 4Kraft Sp. z o. o., is launching a voluntary, free safety programme and will be accepting a selected, strictly defined lot of Kinderkraft MINK car seats for verification.

During a regular quality control, a deviation was discovered which did not meet the high quality standards of the Kinderkraft brand, although it meets the requirements of ECE R44 / 04. A defective handle clamping component was discovered. It may affect the safety of the child during transport; however, only a fraction of the sold car seats from a limited production lot had this component. We have not received any information regarding accidents connected to this potentially defective component.

If you have a MINK car seat, follow the instructions below to find out if your car seat needs to be verified.

How to find the lot number

The lot number (B) is located on the label under the seat. The lot number starts with ‘KK2019’. The photograph below shows the location of the label and the lot number needed for verification.

Products subject to the verification programme bear the lot number (B) between:

KK20190314 - KK20190630

Please report the product using the special form available at

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at safety@kinderkraft.com

Remember that the product should be safely packed (best choice would be a cardboard box with the approximate dimensions of 75 cm x 45 cm x 50 cm). Otherwise the courier may refuse to accept the package.

Here you will find full information about the programme [PDF]
Here you will find the frequently asked questions (FAQ) [PDF]