The programme under which you can replace the mattress in the PRIME and PRIME2020 pushchair for free is Kinderkraft's response to tests carried out by Stiftung Warentest.

Dear clients,

As a company that is transparent in its activities and focuses on the safety of its products, we wanted to inform you about the results of the safety tests that the German foundation Stiftung Warentest carried out for the PRIME pushchair, and about the steps we have taken in relation to finding TCPP substances in a component of the PRIME pushchair.

Stiftung Warentest decided to expand their product testing to include above-standard tests for the pushchair category that until now were only carried out on toys. The tests showed that the pushchair (carrycot) mattresses contain a substance that is potentially dangerous if swallowed – TCPP. This substance is not included under European safety requirements for pushchairs, but it is included under norms for toys.

The restricted use of TCPP in children's products is outlined in Directive 2014/79/EU, which refers to toys as products that can be placed in a child's mouth. In the case of the mattress, this is unlikely. It's worth noting that the Directive itself does not restrict the content of this substance for products other than those that can be placed in the mouth. Therefore, it should be assumed that the presence of TCPP in the mattress is not dangerous for the child.

We would also like to inform you that we encounter TCPP in our environment – it is a standard product used, among other things, in furniture, to improve safety in the event of a fire by increasing the flash point.

As a brand, Kinderkraft focuses, first and foremost, on ensuring maximum safety for our young consumers in all products in our range.

Because of this, even though the PRIME and PRIME 2020 pushchairs meet the European standard for pushchairs and may be marketed as they are, after receiving information from Stiftung Warentest we made the following decisions:

- to remove TCPP from the manufacturing of the PRIME pushchair in new batches (all batches except for KK20180730-KK20190528 and KK19026-6 to KK20016-4). As a new Kinderkraft product, the PRIME LITE pushchair is completely free of TCPP, and so the said problem doesn't apply;


- to launch a free mattress replacement programme for currently marketed products and those that have already been sold. The replacement products will be free of TCPP and the programme is for batches of the PRIME and PRIME 2020 pushchair in the following ranges: KK20180730-KK20190528 and KK19026-6 to KK20016-4 (the programme does not cover PRIME LITE pushchairs, because they are new Kinderkraft products for which TCPP has been completely eliminated from the entire manufacturing process).

For anyone interested in the free mattress replacement, please complete the form found at the link below. Kinderkraft covers the whole cost of the replacement and shipping.

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