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Bedside Cot NESTE UP



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Versatile co-sleeper cot

  • NESTE UP is a functional co-sleeper cot that lets you have your baby always by your side. The co-sleeper cot enables night feeds without needing to getting out of bed. It's versatile and easy to adapt to the bed of the parent.

 co-sleeper cot


Designed in Europe

The European New Product Development Department makes sure that products offered by Kinderkraft are as good as possible in terms of functionality and safety, and that they follow the latest design trends. The department is made up of competent people with many years of experience in the children's products industry, and many of them are parents.
Designed in Europe

Key features

Adjustable legs and height

Adjustable legs and height

Adjustable legs – NESTE UP can be easily adapted to the bed frame. The cot features five-step height adjustment, so you can better tailor it to your bed.

Adjustable mattress incline

Adjustable mattress incline

The angle of incline of the mattress can be adjusted to two different levels. If your little one has a cold and you want to make breathing at night easier, all you need to do is adjust the top end of the mattress.

Easy to attach

Easy to attach

The NESTE UP co-sleeper cot can be easily attached to the parents' bed. The long straps allow it to be tailored to various types of beds.

Mesh on one of the side

Mesh on one of the side

The mesh ensures better air flow for your little one, and you can see what they're up to at all times.

Strong frame and wheels to make moving easier

Strong frame and wheels to make moving easier

The NESTE UP co-sleeper cot has a frame made of strong steel. This makes it stable, and the cot will serve you throughout your child's infancy period. The wheels mean you can move the cot from the bedroom to the living room easier and quicker without scratching the floor.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean

The cot features pleasant and easy-to-clean material with an interesting design. The trendy colours will suit most interiors in all sorts of styles. The cot cover can be machine washed.

Other features

Firm mattress included

Firm mattress included

The set includes a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. Physiotherapists recommend firm mattresses, particularly for infants.

Product video

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  • Bedside Cot NESTE UP
  • Bedside Cot NESTE UP
  • Bedside Cot NESTE UP
  • Bedside Cot NESTE UP


  • 100% cotton

    The sheet (included) is made of breathable cotton.

    100% cotton
  • Durable steel

    The frame is made of sturdy steel.

    Durable steel

Additional data

Dimensions: leg width (distance between legs): 68 cm
bassinet dimensions: 90 x 57 x 52.5 cm
mattress: length 89, width 52 cm
range of adjustment from the floor to the parents' mattress: 49.5-61.5 cm
folded (in the bag: 60 cm x 93.5 cm x 15 cm
Product weight:9.9 kg
Weight of product inside the box:11.1 kg
Height:Level 1: total height: 67 cm, height from the base of the cot to the ground: 33 cm
Level 2: total height: 70 cm, height from the base of the cot to the ground: 36 cm
Level 3: total height: 73 cm, height from the base of the cot to the ground: 39 cm
Level 4: total height: 77 cm, height from the base of the cot to the ground: 42 cm
Level 5: total height: 80 cm, height from the base of the cot to the ground: 45 cm
Recommended parent bed height (the top edge of the mattress):from 53 cm to 63 cm


Video instruction
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Bedside Cot NESTE UP Co-sleeper cots
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User reviews (7)

  • 80 100
    Easy to put together, seems comfortable for our little one. The quality is fine.
  • 100 100
    It’s super light weight, easy to adjust and easy to wipe down. Love this co-sleeper
  • 100 100
    Very pleased with this! Would recommend
  • 100 100
    Cannot recommend this bedside cot enough. This is a really good design. I'm very happy with the purchase.
  • 100 100
    I've been using this cot for a while now and I'm very happy with the product. It works perfectly, I love the design and I recommend it to every friend with little child. It makes life so much easier
  • 100 100
    One of the best baby products we bought! Very useful and it looks gorgeus. Highly recommend!
  • 100 100
    great, we are very sattisfied
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Learn all about NESTE UP – a co-sleeper cot designed for parents who want a moment's rest from getting up nightly for feeds. If you value your sleep and want your baby by your side, NESTE UP is the ideal solution. Not only does it make it easier for you to feed your youngster, it'll also come in useful on trips as an independent cot. It's easy to fold, and the bag (included in the set) makes transport easier. The height of the cot can be adjusted to five levels, and the adjustable legs let you easily adapt the distance between the co-sleeper cot and your bed. Thanks to NESTE UP, your child will always be by your side, and you can both have your own space to sleep, which will drastically improve your sleeping comfort.