Playmat EDUMEE multicolour


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Main advantages

  • Four special sensory zones
  • Educational mat in contrasting colours
  • Sensory toys and 12 learning cards included in the set
  • Adjustable bars with sliders
  • Lightweight mat perfect for travelling
Main advantages
Discover EDUMEE

Discover EDUMEE

  • This is EDUMEE – a contrasting sensory mat that supports the development of your baby's skills right from birth. The mat is designed for children who are starting to discover the world. It's divided into four zones: sight, hearing, touch and concentration. The contrasting colours will interest your youngster, drawing their eyes and attention.
  • EDUMEE will also encourage your little one to play thanks to the rustling elements with different textures. Your baby will develop their fine motor skills, and the hanging toys (included) will provide them with lots of joy. EDUMEE is soft and safe, and you can take the elements included in the set on walks, for example, the contrasting cards can be affixed to your pushchair carrycot. This mat is a true operations centre for your child!


Designed in Europe

The European New Product Development Department makes sure that products offered by Kinderkraft are as good as possible in terms of functionality and safety, and that they follow the latest design trends. The department is made up of competent people with many years of experience in the children's products industry, and many of them are parents.
Designed in Europe

Key features

Four special sensory zone

Four special sensory zone

The EDUMEE mat is divided into four zones that support your youngster's development: hearing zone (little rustling pillows), concentration zone (contrasting cards), sight zone (colourful ribbons) and the touch zone (toys with different textures).

Contrasting colours

Contrasting colours

The mat is covered with patterns in bold colours: black, white, red and yellow. In the first months of life, babies only differentiate contrasting tones – the EDUMEE mat will help train their sight.

Educational toys included in the set

Educational toys included in the set

The mat comes with special sensory toys: a teddy bear for cuddling, a hanging mirror, a ball with a rattle, and a hanging rustling toy.

12 sensory cards included in the set

12 sensory cards included in the set

The set includes sensory cards in contrasting colours. The special graphics will make it easier for your child to focus, and you can use them to tell stories or slowly introduce your youngster to numbers. You can also place them on the side of the mat in the special concentration zone, or clip them to a pushchair.

Adjustable bars with sliders

Adjustable bars with sliders

The EDUMEE mat is equipped with adjustable bars with convenient sliders, thanks to which you can change the position of the hanging toys however you like.

Lightweight mat perfect for travelling

Lightweight mat perfect for travelling

The EDUMEE mat is ideal for travelling, as it's lightweight and easy to roll up. You can easily pack it and take it with you on holidays. It's also easy to clean – it can be hand washed, and you can wipe the toys down with a cloth.



Playmat EDUMEE multicolour
Playmat EDUMEE multicolour


  • Polyester

    Educational mat

  • Polyester, plastic


    Polyester, plastic

Additional data

Child's age/weight/height:From birth up to 15 kg
Product weight:2.42 lb
Product dimensions: 49.5 x 44 in
Height from the floor to the bars:19 in
Dimensions of the mat with the sides folded up:49.5 x 44 in
Dimensions of the mat with the sides folded up:29.5 x 29.5 in
Card dimensions:4.7 x 7. in
Package dimensions:25.5 x 18.1 x 3.9 in
Package weight:3.5 lb
The set includes:Sensory toys, learning cards

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Playmat EDUMEE multicolour Mats
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