• Car seat I-360 i-Size
  • Car seat I-360 i-Size
  • Car seat I-360 i-Size
  • Car seat I-360 i-Size

Car seat I-360 i-Size

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Main advantages

  • From birth to 12 years (40-150 cm)
  • Compliant with standard R129 i-Size
  • EASY SPIN SYSTEM 360° - easy spin car seat
  • RWF (up to 4 years of age) and FWF
  • Easy installation using the ISOFIX system and support leg
Main advantages
Safe travelling for years

Safe travelling for years

  • The i-360 i-Size is an easy spin car seat that will take travel safety to a whole new level. It will serve children from birth up to about 12 years (36 kg / 150 cm). Children up to 4 years of age can be transported in a rearward facing position (RWF).
  • Thanks to the H-GUARD and SPS+ systems, the structure of the seat absorbs the impact energy resulting from collisions and disperses it - the energy will not be transmitted to the child. The car seat is installed with the ISOFIX system and a support leg, which in turn facilitates installation and increases its stability in the car. Thanks to the EASY SPIN SYSTEM 360°, the i-360 i-Size can be easily turned facing you to properly fasten the child with the 5-point internal safety harness. A wide range of headrest adjustments and the adjustable angle of incline of the car seat backrest allows for easy and quick adjustment of the car seat to the growing toddler.

Key benefits

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Key features

The highest safety standard

The I-360 i-Size allows you to transport your child in a rearward facing position (RWF) up to about 4 years of age. Rearward facing position is 5 times safer in the event of a frontal collision than the forward facing position - therefore, it should be practiced for as long as possible.

For the entire period of transporting the child in the car seat

The I-360 i-Size car seat will accompany you during your travels: from birth to approx. 12 years (36 kg / 150 cm). You can easily adjust it to the child thanks to the numerous adjustment options and practical solutions.


The EASY SPIN SYSTEM 360° makes fastening the child with the internal safety harness easy. Press the button and turn the car seat to face you to put your little one in it and fasten it with the five-point internal safety harness. In addition, you can easily change the car seat settings from RWF to FWF without disassembling it from the car.

Other features

Comfortable travel

Comfortable travel

The I-360 i-Size is equipped with practical solutions that make travelling easier. The car seat has a storage compartment for internal safety harness, an included memory foam insert for younger children, and an easily removable cover.

Product features - Video

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Car seat I-360 i-Size
Car seat I-360 i-Size


  • PP plastic

    Durable shell

    PP plastic
  • Memory foam and foam

    Insert, headrest and seat

    Memory foam and foam
  • Polyester

    Easy to clean


Additional data

Child's age/weight/height:40-150 cm
Product Weight:11 kg
Product dimensions
Inner seat length:34 cm
Length of the seat (in a reclined position): 63 cm FWF/ 75 cm RWF
External width:44 cm
External height Min:61 cm
External height Max:81 cm


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Car seat I-360 i-Size Infant
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I-360 40-150 cm RWF i-Size car seat

I-360 i-Size is an easy spin car seat 40-150 cm, compliant with standard R129 i-Size, intended for children from birth to approximately 12 years (36 kg / 150 cm). It is installed using the ISOFIX system and a support leg that can be stowed away when the child reaches a height of 100 cm. There are correct installation indicators at the installation points.

The I-360 i-Size car seat has two dedicated safety systems - SPS+ and H-GUARD SYSTEM.