Car seats

Are you going on a trip outside of the city, visiting grandma on Sunday, or perhaps taking a weekend break at the beach? Wherever you're going, you should always be returning home with fantastic memories. A car seat for children weighing 0-36 kg with the ISOFIX system isn't just going to accompany you on all short and long trips, but first and foremost guarantees comfortable and safe travel. When deciding to buy a 0-36 kg car seat, you're choosing a car seat that'll be with your child for many years. When your little one gets older, you don't have to waste money buying anything else – it's much better to put it towards a trip together!

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What should you look for when choosing a car seat?

From when your little traveller arrived, trips together have become slightly more demanding: more to pack, plan and, of course, more responsibility. When choosing a car seat, check: