Car seats

The key elements of your baby starter kit that are necessary right from the outset and useful in the next stages of your child's development include a car seat for children weighing 0-25 kg. It's great in the first months of your little one's life, and as time goes by, it'll also adapt to their needs as they get older. From a cosy boat, it changes into a car seat that thanks to its shell and head restraints ensures safe and comfortable car travel. The 0-25 kg car seat is mounted facing away from the direction of travel (RWF) – in most of our car seats, RWF installation is up to 18 kg! Your little one can travel facing forward optionally from 9 kg.

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Car seat for children weighing 0-25 kg

Choosing a car seat can be challenging. It's not easy to decide on a model – you try to balance what's most important, which is your child's safety when travelling, with reviews and manufacturers' tips. However, we know that this choice can be made simpler if you take a closer look at the features of car seats in specific categories. That's why we don't want car seats in the 0-25 kg category to keep any secrets from you. What should you look for when searching for a car seat in this category?