Car seats

Although you'll have to wait for your first long car trip with your baby until they get older, you'll need a car seat for children weighing 0-13 kg slightly earlier. There's a reason why the first car seat is on the list of things to buy for mobile parents. It guarantees safety during short and slightly longer trips you go on with your child. A car seat for a little one weighing 0-13 kg will be useful at a time in which you're gaining experience in looking after your baby, knowing that they need safe solutions. When choosing a car seat for an infant, it's good to make sure it's multi-functional and easy to install. The first car seats are often tailored to the frame of a pushchair, which makes it easier to care for your child, and an intuitive affixing system saves you time, which is a precious commodity for parents!

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First car seat: what makes it stand out?

The smaller the little human, the bigger their needs. That's why finalising the baby starter kit can sometimes be a challenge, and one of the most difficult decisions for parents is still which car seat they should buy at the beginning. Parents aren't aware of all the features that every car seat should have. So what should it be like to meet the needs of both your new arrival and you?