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Sideways rocking will help your child fall asleep

  • LULI is a rocker-bouncer that'll quickly rock your child to sleep. The pendulum-like sideways rocking motion reflects the natural motion of the child in the mother's belly, meaning it's familiar and pleasant for your little one.
Sideways rocking will 
help your child fall asleep


Designed in Europe

The European New Product Development Department makes sure that products offered by Kinderkraft are as good as possible in terms of functionality and safety, and that they follow the latest design trends. The department is made up of competent people with many years of experience in the children's products industry, and many of them are parents.
Designed in Europe

Key features

Sideways rocking

Sideways rocking

The LULI bouncer-rocker gently rocks your child from side to side. This motion reflects the natural motion of the child in the womb, making your little one feel safe. It will calm your child and make it easier for them to fall asleep.

Bouncer and rocker in one

Bouncer and rocker in one

LULI is a 2-in-1 product. It acts as both a bouncer and a rocker – the rocking frame can easily be locked in a static position. The motor is very quiet, so when your child starts dozing off, you don't have to worry that the noise will wake them up.

Large range of adjustment

Large range of adjustment

The bouncer has five rocking speed options, allowing you to tailor the speed to your child. In addition, it also features 12 melodies, volume control, and a timer that can be set to 8, 15 or 30 minutes.

Wide, comfortable seat

Wide, comfortable seat

LULI features a wide, comfortable seat. Your child can rest in the rocker in comfort, and the pleasant-to-the-touch material is very cosy.

Removable, soft cushio

Removable, soft cushio

LULI features a removable cushion with sewn-in reinforcements to provide your child with complete body support and better adjustment to their height.

Five-point harne

Five-point harne

The rocker has an adjustable five-point safety harness that can be adjusted to two positions.

Other features

Adjustable toy bar

Adjustable toy bar

The adjustable bar can be attached from both sides. It has two clip-on plush toys that your child will love. The rocker may not be carried using the bar.

Easy-to-clean cover

Easy-to-clean cover

The cover is easy to clean. It also features a gorgeous design, meaning the rocker will suit most interiors. It can be wiped down with a damp sponge.

Two power source

Two power source

The LULI bouncer-rocker has two power sources: batteries or mains power.



  • Rocker LULI
  • Rocker LULI
  • Rocker LULI
  • Rocker LULI
  • Rocker LULI
  • Rocker LULI


  • Plush

    The soft toys are made of plush, which is pleasant to the touch

  • Steel

    The steel frame is sturdy and stable


Additional data

Dimensionsheight 55,5 cm, width 61,5 cm, length 51,5 cm.
Seat dimensionsoverall: 72,5 cm x 49 cm internal: 48,5 cm x 39,5 cm
Length of power cord155 cm
Product weight4,2 kg
Carton dimension60,5 x 55,5 x 15,6 cm
For childrenfrom birth up to 9 kg


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Rocker LULI Bouncers and rockers
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User reviews (4)

  • 80 100
    Works how described, nice looking rocker. Great that is has five rocking speed options.
  • 100 100
    Super sturdy and stable, works exactly like described, it's a huge helper for me!
  • 100 100
    Perfect for my newborn. I couldn't recommend it more.
  • 100 100
    Uhhh our little boy loves this thing and so do we! So pleasantly surprised.
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This is LULI – an electric rocker-bouncer that both you and your child will absolutely love. It'll quickly rock your little one to sleep, even when they're unsettled – the pendulum-like sideways rocking motion reflects the natural motion of the child in the mother's belly, meaning it's familiar and pleasant for your little one. In LULI, your youngster will feel like they're in your arms, and thanks to this, it'll be easier for them to soothe. The extensive adjustment options will allow you to fully tailor the rocker to your child's mood. The five rocking speeds, 12 melodies with volume control and a timer that can be set to 8, 15 or 30 minutes combined with the five-point safety harness and soft cushion make LULI the perfect rocker. In addition, it also comes with a practical toy bar that'll encourage your child to train their concentration and reach out their hands.