A children's tricycle is a real specialist in learning through play that can accompany children at very early stages of their bike adventures. It's suitable for littlies from nine months, and thanks to the modular design, it can adapt to the needs of your growing cyclist. What does this mean in practice? Your youngster is developing and acquiring new skills, and you can remove more and more elements of the bike until the moment comes when your child can use an independent tricycle. Three wheels mean better stability and riding confidence, which is a great solution for littlies who aren't yet ready to start learning to balance.

However, before the trike is used by a brave older child, you have an ideal vehicle for walks – it's equipped with a hood, safety harness, guard rail and telescopic parent handle. With a children's trike, mum and dad have everything under control!

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Which tricycle should you choose?

All parents value long-term solutions. One product that can meet the needs of your child in subsequent stages of growing up means time saving (you don't have to look for new equipment when your little one grows out of something) and less strain on the family budget. That's why a children's tricycle often makes the list of what parents are buying to extend their little cyclist's starter kit. A 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 trike makes the parents' life easier in many situations, all thanks to a multi-functional frame that can be easily modified without using any tools.