To make riding safer, comfortable and more fun, the purchase of the right vehicle and patiently improving under the watchful eye of the parent isn't enough. Your little cyclist is fully ready for adventure only when they're using bike accessories. Some of them are a must for safe riding, while others transform the bike into a practical vehicle for little treasure seekers on walks. Still others determine the aesthetics of a given model, transforming it into a personalised companion for your child's fun and adventures. Children's bike accessories are a small contribution resulting in a big change: they protect, improve and provide great fun.

The most important one is a protective helmet for your little one. Which one is the right one? Which features should it have to ensure safety in the event of a fall? We calculate, discuss and give you tips to make your choice easier!

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Safe bike accessories

You don't have to convince anyone how important it is to ensure the safety of children learning to ride a bike. The first attempts are unavoidably also the first failures and falls. That's why a child helmet often makes the list of what parents are buying with the first bike.