1. Why don't all car seats are tested by the ADAC?

    Reading time: 8 minutes

    Why don't all car seats are tested by the ADAC?

    Why don't all car seats are tested by the ADAC? Should a car seat which has not been tested by the ADAC be considered as unsafe? How does ADAC crash-test the car seats? Those are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the car seats.

  2. 10 Fun Indoor Activities for children under 3 years of age

    Do you lack ideas for creative play? Or maybe your little one still wants to play something new, and despite being very imaginative, you begin to run out of your creativity reserves for coming up with interesting activities?

  3. How to dress your child for autumn and winter walks?

    Reading time: 6 minutes

    How to dress your child for autumn and winter walks?

    In this article, we'll provide tips on dressing your child for autumn and winter strolls, avoiding overheating or chilling. We'll also share a few tricks to ensure you're always prepared for any situation.

  4. What Christmas gift for a child?
    Christmas is coming - November and December is the time when you can slowly think about buying your first gifts. We know how stressful this time can be. So we decided to gather the best proposals for yearlings, two-year-olds and preschoolers in one article - so that you can enjoy baking gingerbread cookies and making dumplings together as a family
  5. What should you focus on when choosing a car seat?
    We all want our children to have the best lives possible. However, the huge number of car seats that have flooded the market in recent years can leave your head spinning, especially if you’ve become a parent only recently. RWF, ADAC, ISOFIX, TOP TETHER – what are these mysterious terms, and do you really need them in your child's car seat? &
  6. What is the HIP Dysplasia Institute certificate
    Being a parent isn't easy. Before the child learns to walk, mum and dad have to face many months of constant carrying and rocking. When your older toddler still needs to be carried and your back hurts, an ergonomic carrier is a lifesaver. However, parents have many questions, the most important of which is, "Are ergonomic carriers safe?" Due to
  7. NUBI 2 stroller by Kinderkraft: 6 reasons why you should buy it this summer
    Summer’s just around the corner – it’s a time we love to spend having fun with the family outdoors. Are you well prepared for what's coming? Parents of small children know very well that leaving home with a baby, or even a toddler, requires appropriate equipment. Without the right preparation, walks and summer trips out of the city can be a
  8. Travel RWF for longer with Kinderkraft's new I-GUARD car seat
    The car seat provides comprehensive protection for any child being transported, with a higher level of safety than any other solution. The seat protects the child in the event of side collisions and considerably reduces the risk of submarining, i.e. the child slipping under the belt in frontal collisions. Above all, it protects the head and
  9. How to wash a pushchair?
    How shall I clean a pushchair?   Most of the pushchairs are made of easy-to-clean fabrics - eco-leather (handles and guard rails), polyester and cotton (mattress covers) are the most commonly used materials. Fresh stains just need to be wiped with a damp sponge or even a wet tissue that parents always carry with them.   Problems arise