What should you buy for an infant? A list of handy accessories

What should you buy for an infant? A list of handy accessories

Is your newborn starter kit ready and you're wondering what else to buy for your little one to support their development in the first months of life? Or perhaps you're looking for accessories that allow you to always be close to your child while giving you a little room to breathe? This guide will show you products that are worth buying for a newborn to make discovering the world more pleasant both at home and away. And if you're still wondering what to include in your newborn starter kit, why not read our article Newborn starter kit – what you need to buy before your baby arrives

Handy accessories – what to buy for an infant

This article outlines additional accessories in Kinderkraft's range that parents can't live without. Because with Kinderkraft, everything is easy :)

Travel cot with a suspended base

If you want to make everyday activities such as changing nappies and putting your child to sleep easier, why not opt for a cot with a suspended base equipped with a changing table and mobile? This option will simplify daily activities that are sometimes difficult for parents at the beginning. An example of such a mobile cot is the JOY travel cot with accessories which can act as an independent cot. It has a suspended base, which means putting your child in and taking them out will be easier and will put less strain on your back. The travel cot can be folded and taken on holidays. In addition, JOY comes with accessories that make it easier to keep things in order, such as the shelves that can be hung from the cot frame and used to store nappies and wet wipes.

Kinderkraft JOY travel cot with accessories


Why not consider a rocker-bouncer, that's suitable for newborns? It'll allow you to have your hands free, and your little one will always be by your side and be part of everyday activities around the house. The LULI rocker and LUMI rocker are great options – both models acts as a rocker and bouncer, but they move in a pendulum motion (side to side). This makes the child feel safe, like as if they were in their parent's arms. Your baby will also feel calmer and more relaxed.

Kinderkraft LUMI electric rocker that rocks side to side

You can buy a more classic rocker, such as the FLO electric rocker that's been passed by the independent German magazine AllesBeste. All our rockers and bouncers have inbuilt melodies and the vibration speed can also be adjusted. In addition, LUMI is equipped with a remote control, USB and Bluetooth, which means you can play your child's favourite songs.

Play mat

It's also worth thinking about which mat to buy. Educational mats are usually used from approx. four months. Physiotherapists have confirmed that lying on a firmed surface is beneficial for the child, but it can't be too hard. The large MATTY mat is very thick, and will be very handy. It's also durable and will last you and your child many years. It also provides great insulation from the floor, and can later act as a rug.

Kinderkraft MATTY mat

Educational mat with four zones that develop the senses

If you want to buy a product that will best support your child's development, why not try the 4SMART contrasting sensory mat? 4SMART stimulates your child's development from the first weeks of life.

Kinderkraft 4SMART contrasting sensory mat


In the early days of life, babies notice mainly strong, contrasting colours and large shapes. That's why this mat features black, white, yellow and red. These colours, which are also used in the ribbons, stimulate your child's eyesight, at the same time helping them learn how to focus on one element.


The 4SMART sensory mat also stimulates the sense of touch. It's equipped with elements with different textures accesorios lisos, sonajeros y, también, puntas y cuerditas suaves – the toys and smooth, rustling extras, as well as soft edging and strings will help your little one to learn new textures and shapes. In addition, they allow your baby to practise grip and encourage them to reach out their hands.


4SMART also has a zone that lets your child become familiar with various sounds. This is thanks to the toys and elements that rustle, make sounds and rattle when touched. Your little one will also learn the cause and effect relationship between touching a toy and the toy making a sound.


The 4SMART sensory mat also allows your child to practise focus and concentration. The cards included in the set (12 pieces) can be put into a special plastic pocket on the side of the mat. The shapes encourage your baby to observe them – the side of the mat can be raised to encourage your child to raise their head and train their neck muscles.

Kinderkraft 4SMART contrasting sensory mat

The set also includes a large sensory ball that helps reinforce your child's newly acquired skills. It's large, multi-coloured and has interesting buttons and patterns. You can easily take it with you on a walk or simply play on the soft mat together with your child. 4SMART can also be used as a classic educational mat – the adjustable bars with a slider allow you to adjust the distance between your child and the toys.

Or perhaps you'd prefer an educational mat with a teepee?

And if you're looking for something that'll be suitable for both an infant and an older child, we recommend the TIPPY mat – a mat with a teepee that'll introduce your child to the world of exotic animals and Indians! It supports your child's development in the first month of life. It encourages them to lift their head, stretch out their arms and roll over, and in later years, it provides entertainment and learning. The mat features continents and animals that live on them, written in English.

Kinderkraft TIPPY educational mat with teepee

The teepee has two windows with fabric curtains, which means you can peek inside to see what your child's up to. Of course, the set includes toys for young children: a plush orca with a teether, plush swallow with ribbons, rattle with a plush leaf, mirror, and two rustling toys on the mat.

Chair for feeding and playing

The high chair isn't a must have at the beginning of your parenting journey. However, when your little one is approximately six months old, the time will come to broaden their diet, so you'll need to decide which model to buy so that it lasts longer than six months. A multi-functional high chair that can also act as a chair for playing or desk chair is the ENOCK high chair. It's a sturdy, multi-functional chair designed for children from approx. six months up to ten years!

Kinderkraft ENOCK 2-in-1 adjustable wooden chair

It features a beautiful, timeless design – the light wood will warm any room, irrespective of whether it's decorated in a classic or modern style. In addition, ENOCK offers a wide range of adjustment options, which means you can easily adapt it to tables of different heights. The simple seat adjustment and removable tray will allow you to quickly transform it into a chair for an older child. The seat is wide and profiled – both parents and children love this product!

What to buy for an infant – do you know what you need?

It's good to buy a bouncer-rocker that's designed for newborns. It'll help you keep your baby close by at all times while they discover their environment in a comfortable seat. You should also consider buying a mat – a standard educational mat, or a sensory one. Little children learn very quickly, and that's why these types of mats are extremely helpfuly. They stimulate your child's development and help them develop their motor skills – learning to roll over, reach out their arms, standing up and crawl. On the other hand, a multi-functional high chair will also let your child play and – like ENOCK – learn once they reach kindergarten age.

We hope that we've helped you decide what to buy for your infant. It's worth buying these items – they'll make your life easier, and your child will have the right amount of stimuli to help in playtime and development.


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