The lottery, how to enter and what are the rules!

The lottery, how to enter and what are the rules!

Read on to find out the prizes and how to increase your chances of winning them. To celebrate the fact, that Kinderkraft has received the most awards in the 2022 edition of the Mother&Baby awards, a special lottery was prepared together with KiddiesKingdom.


Pregnancy is a wonderful period that also comes with its challenges, after all not only is the mum carrying a new life, but every future parent must prepare for the arrival of their baby. To make it easy with kids – well, easier – Kinderkraft creates multifunctional solutions, that last for years. Free 10 years extended warranty anyone? The growing number of awards granted to Kinderkraft speaks loads of the brand, which to celebrate its achievement prepared a lottery for you, together with friends @ KiddiesKingdom. The prizes were selected to give parents sth. extra. So read on!


prenatal spa treatment


The spa treatment – the main prize

The main prize in the lottery is a spa treatment package aimed at prenatal/postnatal care. The lucky winner will enjoy a day at the spa facility with special treatments which are aimed at easing tiredness, relaxing muscles and restoring the glow. The treatments were carefully selected to fully support women in their prenatal and postnatal period. These will be performed by specialists in such care.

The prize includes a spa day with treatments dedicated to a pregnant woman or postnatal care (selection of one depends on winner’s decision), at one of the facilities owned by the spa chain, at which we purchased the gift card for the packet. Please note the locations of the spa facilities are in the England area only, whilst all UK residents can take part, to claim the main prize the winner will have to arrange their own travel to the selected spa facility. The winner will get to choose among all the locations available in the spa’s offer.

The winner will get to choose between the prenatal and postnatal packages, both involve a set of treatments: a facial treatment aimed at radiance renewal, a body massage aimed at relaxation and improving muscle tone, and leg treatment aimed at soothing the aches and pains that usually appear during the pregnancy. Naturally the treatments are performed by specialists in prenatal and postnatal massage and care and were selected with care. Important note, the prenatal treatments must not be enjoyed during the 1st trimester. If the winner will still be in their 1st trimester, they will have to wait until they start their 2nd trimester, before they can book the treatments.


10 Mummy Bags up for grabs

10 lottery participants will win a Mommy Bag, that includes a baby changing mat and universal hooks, which enable attaching it to any pram or stroller. As a parent, one wants to have all the necessary accessories at hand. A large bag like that will prove indispensable.


15 vouchers for baby shopping

15 lottery participants will receive 10 GBP vouchers to be redeemed at the KiddiesKingdom shop (online and offline) for all Kinderkraft products. These vouchers will be valid for 3 months and will combine with other discounts.


Entering the lottery



How to take part

It is very easy, to be entered into the lottery. All you need to do is purchase at least one of the products that carries ballot points from the KiddieKingdom store (online or offline), and we will automatically count your ballot points in.


Remember, there are different ways to get points, at the moment whenever you purchase one of the Kinderkraft products you will receive points. You can also earn more points by selecting those products, that carry more points, such as the 6 Mother&Baby 2022 awarded products. You can also buy 3+ Kinderkraft products at once from KiddiesKingdom and you will receive extra points.


Entering the lottery – the ballot points



The more products bearing lottery ballot points you purchase, the higher your chance of winning. So head to the KiddiesKingdom store.


Entering the lottery points collection



The lottery mechanism is based on a ballet point system, whereas different activities e.g. a relevant product purchase, are worth a set number of points. All ballet points gathered by individuals throughout the lottery run will be added automatically. These can be acquired all at once or over time. The lottery lasts from 01.02.2022 until 31.03.2022 and all activities that result in ballot points allocation will only be active during that period. All ballot points from all participants throughout the lottery run will be put together, for a random selection of the winners.

Each activity that results in extra ballot points will be outlined here along  with the instructions, which are listed above. At the moment there are 2 ways to get points. The points resulting from relevant purchases will be counted automatically. The points granted from other activities that require further engagement e.g. submitting a code from a referral will also be added by the organiser and a clear instruction will be added on how to use relevant codes.


Point bearing activities and actions

Throughout the lottery, there will be set products, which when purchased grant ballot points for the lottery to the participants. These products will change in the duration of the campaign so do keep watch of our social media (@Kiddies, @Kinderkraft) for any announcements. There are also other activities planned, that carry more points, and will be introduced throughout the 2 months. These will appear here, and will be accompanied with relevant annoucnements on our channels:

  1. Each purchase of the following products from KiddiesKingdom (online & offline) grants points: Everyday 6 points, Lastree 5 points, Trig 5 points, Huggy 3 points, 4Smart 3 points, Goswift 4 points (the Mother&Baby awarded products receive more points than other ones in their respective categories).
  2. A purchase from KiddiesKingdom (online & offline) of 3 or more Kinderkraft products at once results in 7 ballot points being allocated to the purchasing party.
  3. NEW: Each purchase of Kinderkraft products available at KiddiesKingdom will result in allocation of ballot points. The number of points allocated depends on the product category: travel systems (2in1 and 3in1) 4 points, strollers and prams 3 points, bikes (balance and tricycles) 2 points, mats 1 point, high chairs 3 points, wooden furniture 4 points, co-sleepers and travel cots 3 points, car seats 3 points, swings and bouncers 2 points, carriers 1 point.


Further information about the rules you can on the KiddiesKingdom website.


The winner announcement


How and when will winners be announceds


The winners will be selected randomly from all the ballot entries on the 1st of April 2022 and will be contacted directly. If within a period of 1 calendar week since the winners were contacted, selected winners won’t respond to claim their prize, then new winners will be randomly chosen to take their respective places. For full T&Cs head to the KiddiesKingdom website.


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