Kitchen helper for children and parents

Kitchen helper for children and parents

Taking care of a child and doing household chores is quite a challenge. Every parent knows how hard it is to find a moment to cook dinner when a baby demands their attention. Is there any solution to this situation? Yes - a kitchen helper! We invite you to read!

What is a kitchen helper and what is it used for?

Still not many people know what a kitchen helper is. It is still little known in our country. Therefore, we would like to acquaint you with this helpful piece of furniture!

A kitchen helper is nothing but a kind of a platform, with the help of which a child can reach the kitchen worktop - they can watch the activities of parents, and thus learn from them. When a baby grows up, it will also be able to actively participate in preparing meals.

Is a kitchen helper necessary?

You ask - do I need such a platform at all? Can I do without it? Well, it is not an indispensable piece of furniture in your home, like a cot for example. You can function without it.

But if you use it even once - you will understand why many families around the world can no longer imagine a day without this helper!

Think - you will be able to prepare a meal in peace, and your child will have a lot of fun because of it! Kitchen helper allows you to mix business with pleasure. The toddler, standing on the platform, is safe and the kitchen worktop is within their eyes and hands reach.

How many times have you heard your child asking for your attention and demanding that you play with them just while you are doing household chores? Every time? Children react this way when they see that their parent's attention is not focused on them. That is why cooking dinner often borders on the miraculous.

Thanks to the kitchen helper, your child will be involved in the whole process -they won't have the impression that parents don't have time for them. Children love to help their parents and thanks to this piece of furniture they have such an opportunity. Preparing meals together fosters bonding and is also great fun!

The impact of kitchen helper on child development

By observing their parents' behavior, children learn various activities. Then, as skills develop, they can participate in these activities themselves. Without a doubt, preparing meals together teaches independence. The child can help in many ways - it can serve the ingredients, mix them, organize things on the counter, and work with dough. Such help develops manual skills, dexterity, and resourcefulness. It also teaches that "meals do not come from the fridge", but you have to prepare them by yourself - a toddler acquires the necessary knowledge about life. They can also try new flavors, learn about different foods. Thanks to this, many children are more eager to eat - they like dishes that they have prepared "on their own".

Such active participation in household chores causes children to develop self-esteem. After all, they participate in something important, have a sense of self-efficacy, and see their small successes. After all, doing something just like mom and dad is something to be proud of!

Parents should create as many situations as possible in which the child can participate and thanks to which the toddler will see the results of his/her work. Giving children challenges to the best of their abilities is the best way to build their sense of empowerment, good self-esteem and self-confidence.

The smiling mother is sitting on a small chair in the room. She holds a little baby by the foot; the baby is sleeping next to her in a Kinderkraft car seat.

When can you start using a kitchen helper?

Manufacturers recommend that children over 3 years old use it. For smaller children who cannot yet stand, it is recommended to use feeding chairs. When you put your baby in such a chair, you will be sure that it is safe (they have straps). Your little one will always be able to watch what you are doing and you will keep an eye on him!

The LASTREE chair has the additional function of a bouncer, so a baby can use it from the moment of birth. It's a highchair, so the toddler can see everything better than in a classic, low bouncer - it can watch what its parents are doing. The backrest and footrest are adjustable, and the possibility to adjust the height of the seat makes LASTREE fit to any table or table top. It is similar to the ENOCK chair, with the difference that the ENOCK can only be used by children who are already sitting up - it is even suitable for a toddler up to 35kg! The ENOCK can perform similar functions to a kitchen helper, except that the child will be in a sitting position rather than standing.

How long can it be used?

Kitchen helper is a piece of furniture that grows with your child. It will serve you for at least a few years. And certainly until the moment when your child grows old enough to independently and freely reach the table top. You can adjust the height of the seat of the kitchen helper as well as the position of the guard rails protecting your child.

Kitchen helper construction

The basic version of the kitchen helper consists of two sides, a platform, a step and a fall protection block. The platform has the form of a height-adjustable shelf.

In addition to standard furniture, manufacturers also offer models with sides in different shapes. Geometric patterns or animal shapes - there is plenty to choose from.

The helper is usually made of wood, MDF or plywood. Plastic constructions are also common.

Types of kitchen helpers

Classic, basic models are platforms for assisting parents at the kitchen counter or table. They can also be used at the sink or anywhere a child cannot reach independently.

You can also find sets - a 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 helper. In the set, in addition to the helper, there is for example a slide or a ladder. Is it necessary? Certainly not, it will only make it more difficult to carry a massive structure. The platform should fulfil its basic function and not distract the child.

Mom and her three children eat breakfast sitting at the table. Two younger children sit on special Kinderkraft chairs.

Wooden, plastic, or maybe DIY?

Wondering which kitchen helper to choose? Furniture, first of all, must have a solid structure that can withstand the daily, repeated use. Such are platforms made of wood. Their disadvantage, however, is the weight. However, if you want a piece of furniture to serve your child for many years, you should choose a wooden or plywood one (lighter). A plastic one will have limited load capacity - it will be more suitable for smaller children.

You can also make such a piece of furniture yourself in the DIY style. This is a much cheaper solution than buying a ready-made platform. There are many tutorials on the Internet on how to do it yourself from scratch or using ready-made stools available in furniture stores. The making itself, from a pre-cut board or plywood, should take a few hours. The most important thing here will be the finishing - the edges must be perfectly smooth.

However, if you do not have a knack for DIY, buy a solid, ready-made platform, because the safety of the child is most important.

Safety first

The kitchen helper needs to be safe. Your child will repeatedly climb, stand on it and move around at a certain height. Therefore, the most important feature that you should pay attention to before buying is stability. You should check the thickness of the furniture's legs and whether the legs have protection on the sides (they protect against banking of the platform).

It is important to adjust the kitchen helper so that it always reaches the child's waist. The platform should end at kitchen worktop height or be a little higher. Then the toddler will not lean over the side rail.

Another aspect you need to pay attention to is the use of safe materials. Check if the manufacturer has approvals and certificates (EN 13986 E1 requirements or CARB ULEF low formaldehyde certificate). If you cannot find such information, you will not be sure if the furniture does not emit harmful substances. Equally important are the paints with which the platform is covered. They should have a hygienic certificate, they can not be allergenic.

Also check that all edges are smooth and rounded. The kitchen helper must be gentle on your child's skin, yet sturdy and resistant to the effects of daily use.

You will quickly find that a kitchen helper will make it much easier for you to function with a toddler at home. For much younger children a bouncer-chair, such as LASTREE, will be perfect. They are not only furniture, thanks to them you will enable your child to participate in many household activities, and it will positively influence its development. The child will learn many valuable skills. You will also build a bond - because nothing brings you closer than being together and preparing meals together.


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