Arranging a nursery - how to design it

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Arranging a nursery - how to design it

Before you set about decorating the children's room, it is worth knowing a few rules, which will allow you to create a friendly, safe place which supports development. So that your child feels good in it, and so do you - after all, you will also spend a lot of time there. The room is not going to serve its purpose if we neglect the aesthetic aspect - that is why it is worth getting to know the latest color and style trends. And these may surprise you.


Why should you arrange a nursery


A nursery is your child's little kingdom. That is why you should make sure that they feel comfortable there and so do you. An aesthetically pleasing and friendly space promotes development, enables a toddler to function more freely and even learn more about the world. A child's room should be designed so that it is divided into three separate zones: sleep, play and study. Thanks to this, the reality of a small person is ordered, and the rhythm of the day is stabilized. A cot, a drawing table and a toy mat should be separated by invisible lines. Thanks to this, when in bed, a child will slowly begin to learn that it is not the place and time for tricks and games. The esthetics of the decor is no less important, as from the very first years of a child's life we shape his/her taste.


Arranging a nursery - what design to choose?


Style is a matter of taste. It all depends on personal taste, parents’ creativity, and, let's face it - the budget. There are several different styles in fashion today. Some of them value simplicity - sometimes to such an extent that the arrangement ends with the choice of furniture: while others give much more room for imagination and experiments with colors and accessories.


Scandinavian style - simplicity and functionality


The Scandinavian style is a popular and subtle style, which has been in vogue for a very long time. It is characterized by minimalism and simplicity. The interiors are dominated by white and shades of gray, which can be contrasted with one color, preferably soft, pastel. This does not mean that it has to be cool and boring. Such rooms are spacious, bright and functional. Materials should be natural. In such interiors wood, cotton and wicker, which introduce warmth and coziness dominate. Minimalism does not mean that we have to resign from decorations, but it is good for them to have some functions at the same time. You can decide on pastel-coloured lamps, wooden shelves or a tipi tent - like our TIPPY, which also has a practical mat.


Boho style -  colors and patterns


Boho style, which is gaining popularity nowadays, gives more room for imagination. In a room decorated according to its principles, not everything must fit together. Eclecticism is a keyword. Refurbished retro-style furniture, painted on its own in an original color, will work well. They can be combined with rattan baskets, vintage-style dressers, taken from your grandmother's attic and - for example - gnarled shelves cluttered with colorful trinkets. Unconventional accessories - tapestry, graphics, figurines, which may surprise with colors, patterns and shapes have a lot to offer. People who value freedom and diversity will feel best in such an interior.


There is a Kinderkraft Racoon shelf in the apartment. There are containers filled with toys and books arranged in compartments.


How about fairy tale inspiration?


Does your child love animals? Or maybe cars? Are they crazy about their favourite fairy tale? This could be the key to furnish their room! You can find a lot of furniture with various motives on the market. They will go very well with themed wallpapers, patterns painted on the walls or special stickers. Moreover, this option guarantees that it will be easy to choose accessories - cushions with forest animals, curtains with spaceships or bedclothes with your favourite superhero. There is no shortage of such things in stores. We are also sure that our child will be delighted! A simple way to add a fairy-tale character to the interior is to use stickers for furniture. Manufacturers offer them in various shapes and with many motives. They are easy to stick and peel off, so you can change your child's room almost immediately.


Safety first


No matter what style you choose, one thing is most important - safety. When choosing furniture, pay attention to its stability. It should not be wobbly or too light, because they may fall down when the toddler decides to climb on it. Also pay attention to the materials of which both furniture and accessories are made - whether they have the appropriate certificates, whether non-toxic paints and varnishes are used in their production, and whether toys and equipment do not contain dangerous or too small elements. No glass elements are appropriate. It is good for furniture to have rounded edges and be constructed in such a way that the child will not be able to climb on it.


A Kinderkraft play mat is placed on the carpet in the apartment. Mother, a few-year-old child and a baby play on it.


Last but not least - functionality


A room can be arranged in such a way that it promotes a child's development. According to Montessori pedagogy, all items necessary for the child should be on its little hand. Every detail should be measured with the measure of a toddler - so that it feels confident and comfortable in his room. Shelves should be at child's height, all drawers and cabinets should be accessible - as in the RACOON bookcase - so that the child can develop independence. The way items are arranged is also important. Books, for example - should be positioned so that the child can see their covers. It would be best if the decorations were handmade, for example, drawings of the child will work perfectly. And if you prefer to opt for ready-made solutions, it is good to choose motives related to nature (for example, with animals) or those that will support the development of the child - such as a colorful poster with the alphabet. The place for playing is no less important. It can be a comfortable carpet, but even better is a foam mat, like our double-sided MATTY, which can quickly turn into a creative playground.


Lighting in the nursery


Let's not forget about lighting - it is extremely important especially in the autumn and winter months, when it gets dark outside in the afternoon. Children's rooms should be bright enough for little ones to be comfortable while playing with books or drawing. Bedside lamps are also important as they allow us to bring semi-darkness into the room and create an atmosphere conducive to sleep. You will also appreciate them while changing the baby at night. Lamps with adjustable wattage to adapt to your needs and circumstances seem to be a good option.


What to decorate a nursery with? Color and pattern on the wall


Attractive, functional and creative arrangement, which will delight you and your child  does not have to be expensive at all - it all depends on colors and accessories. You may not even realize how much a room can change with colorful walls or patterns glued on them. 

You can go crazy with the color of the walls, especially if stylish minimalism is not your thing and you prefer safe, natural furniture and wooden floors. The options are endless: from crazy wall colors to stick-on patterns and wallpapers. You can plan with colors even more- each wall can be painted with a different color, and you can add to it patterned curtains and all sorts of accessories - all in a floral, geometric or fairytale style.



Colorful furniture in a room?


If you opt for neutral white walls, you can experiment a little with the colors of the furniture or accessories - bedspreads, cushions or carpets - to give your child's world a little bit of color! If you browse the market, you might think you're stuck with blue or pink when it comes to choosing bright colors. Do not be afraid to break the stereotypes and do not limit yourself to only these two options! Furniture in shades of gray, with which you can experiment in various ways, for example, breaking the color with accessories in a wider range of colors is a universal solution which will work for both boys and girls. Parents will have no difficulty finding them in pastel colors, for example.


Arrangement with the use of wallpaper


Wallpaper can work both in a room decorated in the Scandinavian style, as well as in any other - on the market you will find a wide selection of them. It all depends on your taste: you can opt for patterned, colorful or fabulous, or on the contrary - monochromatic, soft, pastel, with a delicate pattern. Deciding to use wallpaper, you do not have to cover the entire room with it at once. If you are afraid of dirt on the walls, a functional solution is to wallpaper them to a chosen height - we do not have to cover the walls up to the ceiling at once. You can find wallpapers on the market that can be easily washed. It is also increasingly popular to cover only parts of the room with a wallpaper in a form of vertical stripes - such a solution will give some character to any interior, especially when there is minimalism in it.


And finally, a little magic


With a little bit of creativity, you can bring real magic into the toddler's room! For example, a colourful Indian tipi can be a place for daily reading, an ordinary chair can grow fake ears, and an alicorn can serve a hanger. Your child will be much more eager to throw blocks into a box when they know that it is a real treasure chest! Even a mundane lamp can introduce the world of fairy tales, becoming a cloud, kite or balloon floating above the room.

If our little one loves playgrounds, why not give him or her one in his own room. There are home-made swings, ladders and even small slides! Don't forget about a thick, comfortable mat that will cushion any falls.

You can invite an older child to participate in the design of the room. Be guided by his/her color preferences or beloved fairy tale motives. On the market there is plenty of licensed furniture and numerous accessories that will help you design the entire room in the style of their favorite cartoon or a book character.

As you can see, the arrangement possibilities are endless. And what is most important - each of them is good, as long as it fulfills its purpose, that is, it is safe, functional and you simply like it. Therefore, while decorating your child's room, give yourself a moment to plan the arrangement of furniture, choose colors and compose accessories. Time invested will pay off with satisfaction, comfort and confidence.


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